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iTrueReview Provides Businesses with Review System Far Superior to Yelp and Google Combined

Company's business-boosting solution addresses problematic nature of reviewing industry since Internet's inception

NEW YORK, March 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — A new review system launched in January 2013 is already proving its worth, increasing restaurant sales by as much as 325% within a few short weeks.

Steve Valenti of Olive Lucy's Kitchen Table, Morristown, New Jersey, reports that the implementation of iTrueReview's simple opt-out approach tripled his customer numbers in just a few weeks. He says it is the "best thing to ever help down the road of success," and other restaurants on the review system's books say the same.

What makes iTrueReview successful for businesses? Its core values for one.

iTrueReview gives only genuine customers a safe platform to express their views. It uses clever monitoring technologies on several levels to ensure that customers can only leave a review while they are still present in the business. Those reviews are posted across the web, on a variety of local pages and social media outlets, catching a wider spread of potential customers.

This means Yelp's algorithm, which tries to assess the trustworthiness of reviews, is now redundant. The businesses that were almost destroyed because their reviewers weren't seen as trustworthy enough now have somewhere to go.

But iTrueReview offers even more than that. It's a complete package of useful automated business and social media tools, designed to draw customers and keep them coming back.

Its effective, automated promotional tools free up time for the business owner, posting personalised offers and information to customers.

It also provides business owners with real-time feedback so they can troubleshoot key findings on the spot.

iTrueReview isn't just an honest reviewing tool; it's an essential business-boosting system offering a solution to the problems that have dogged the reviewing industry since the Internet began.

About iTrueReview

Michael Shivli, CEO of iTrueReview, said, "We want to be the best at online reviews and source for customers to go to. We feel strongly that our product brings businesses and guests together for an overall better experience." Having been a restaurateur for over 15 years, Mr. Shivli has taken his belief in honest business reviewing to the next level by developing this genuine table-to-online review platform.

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