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Introducing BlackCloudRx™ Mobile App

NetDiligence® Licenses CloudeAssurance Mobile App for eRiskHub®

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — NetDiligence®, a leading cyber risk assessment and data breach services company, today announced that it will be introducing a mobile app called BlackCloudRx™ as a value-added feature of its industry-leading eRiskHub® cyber risk management portal. BlackCloudRx will be available in the first quarter of 2015 when the company launches its new mobile-optimized platform for the eRiskHub.

BlackCloudRx™ is powered by the CloudeAssurance Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. It will allow eRiskHub users to monitor the safety and security of their data in the various third-party clouds upon which they depend. Users will be able to proactively track, from the convenience of their mobile device and in real time, the cloud security ratings, security breaches, lawsuits and major outages impacting the cloud services they use and enable them to act accordingly in response to threats.

"We are excited to license CloudeAssurance's mobile app for the eRiskHub," said Mark Greisiger, president of NetDiligence®. "We see this as a natural extension of our strategic alliance with CloudeAssurance to build better awareness of the risks associated with cloud computing and to better assist our cyber liability insurance carrier partners and their insureds who are equally concerned about cloud risk."

"The high adoption rate of cloud computing services and increased storage of sensitive records in the cloud has created a real risk for both companies and individuals," noted Taiye Lambo, founder & chief technology officer of CloudeAssurance. "We're delighted that NetDiligence has chosen to license our cloud-monitoring mobile app for the eRisk Hub."

About NetDiligence®
NetDiligence® is a cyber risk assessment and data breach services company. Since 2001, NetDiligence has conducted thousands of enterprise-level cyber risk assessments for a broad variety of organizations, including public entities, financial services, retailers, B2B service providers, software developers, medical providers and universities. NetDiligence services are used by leading cyber liability insurers in the U.S. and U.K. to support both loss-control and education objectives. NetDiligence hosts a biannual Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum attended by risk managers, privacy attorneys and cyber liability insurance leaders from around the world. NetDiligence is also an acknowledged leader in data and privacy breach prevention and recovery. Its eRisk Hub® portal ( is licensed by cyber liability insurers to provide education and breach recovery services to their policyholders.

About CloudeAssurance, Inc.
CloudeAssurance, Inc. is the software division of eFortresses, Inc. focused on Cloud Security Scoring through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model. eFortresses, Inc. is a 12-year old Cyber Security & Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Solutions company and a 2013 Gartner Cool Vendor in the Risk Management and Compliance category with a focus on cloud computing security. CloudeAssurance platform facilitates a 3-step self-assessment and independent validation process producing a validation score and seal approved by the Cloud Assurance Assessor Program (CAAP) oversight board under the Holistic Information Security Practitioner Institute (HISPI), an independent professional certification body. To learn more about CloudeAssurance and CAAP, please visit

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