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Insurance Agents Get Their First iPhone Application

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif., June 15, 2010 — The first-ever iPhone application for insurance agents called LeadsROI was created by Existence of the Apple iPhone LeadsROI application was leaked on , the world's biggest insurance agents' Facebook community.

The World's Best Insurance Salesperson, who is a constant contributor to the ISellInsurance Facebook community, informed his fellow agents of this great innovation that is meant to make the use of technology better for agents.

LeadsROI is a free application that allows agents and other financial professionals to pull together a variety of figures – the number of leads, cost per lead, percentage closed, annual premium per closed policy and first-year commission (percentage).

The results screen offers the agent the investment figure, the annual commission, profit and ROI on their leads.

When you are an agent and buying from a leads provider, your goal is nailing a good return on your investment.

Using the new LeadsROI iPhone Application will allow agents to be one step ahead of their competition.

In this day and age, that can prove to be a very big advantage.

The application makes it simple for agents to determine their Return on Investment (ROI) when it comes to using leads. Agents can download the application for free using the following link:

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