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Innovative Irish Start-Up 'Pulsate' set to Disrupt Marketing for Physical World Locations, Wants To Take iBeacon to the Next Level

DUBLIN, April 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Pulsate ( has launched an end-to-end marketing platform for the physical world.  The start-up provides a cloud platform and its own micro-context iBeacons® that allow companies to turbocharge customer engagement.

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Pulsate, which can sit behind any brand's existing mobile app, will initially be targeted at large retailers, with future plans to expand the offering to venues, and transport.  "Pulsate will help companies to drive foot traffic to stores and when customers arrive, to deliver game-changing in-store experiences," claims CEO Patrick Leddy.  "Imagine being able to deliver information to customers' phones relative to their location, context and interests.  Today, with Pulsate, we've made this a reality," he said.

According to Leddy Pulsate drives real benefits that will allow businesses to influence at the point of purchase and dramatically increase revenues.

A litany of tools already exists for analyzing customers in the virtual world.  Take retail e-commerce, for example. A single percentage increase in conversion rate can have a big impact, but this channel only represents 10% of revenue.  "We're taking technology that's typically only used in the virtual world, and applying it to a channel that represents 90% of retailers' revenue – the physical world – and that's where it starts to get interesting," says Leddy.

Pulsate provides retailers with tiny self-contained Bluetooth® iBeacons® which, once activated, begin broadcasting customer location and context back to the Pulsate cloud. From there the retailer can segment, automate and personalize every communication sent by the platform.  Customers can even reply, forming a direct dialogue between the retailer and customer.

So what makes Pulsate different from other iBeacon start-ups? 

According to Leddy, "This isn't just about beacons; they are straightforward to produce, and are quickly becoming commoditized.  If you want your communications to be seamless, integrated and considered, beacons alone are not going to help you."

Pulsate's secret sauce is the company's cloud platform, Leddy insists. The platform enables a 360 degree profile of the customer through a powerful combination of incredibly in-depth customer profiles, with real-world location and context.  With this capability, Pulsate can micro-calibrate every single communication.  "We're talking about delivering the right message, right place, right time. And that's the future," he concluded.

The team at Pulsate has started rolling out the platform with a number of key clients, one of which includes Heineken.

Pulsate is a bootstrapped startup by Leddy, the founder of Furious Tribe, a world leader in mobile strategy which has consulted with demanding international brands such as Citibank, Vodafone, RSA, O2, Danone, Nedbank, AXA, EMI, Investec, on their mobile strategy.

Media Contact: Patrick Leddy – CEO, Pulsate  +353-86-1050581 Email