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Indie Film Explores the Female-Dominant Relationship

90210's Micheal Steger stars in a non-traditional love story with a woman as sure of what she wants as the average male film character

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 7, 2009 — Terran Enterprises announces the completion of its feature film "Assisting Venus," starring Micheal Steger (90210), Michele Martin, Jordan Bridges and Julian Sands. The story follows Greg (Steger), a young man obsessed with Sophia, the confident young novelist who lives next door (Martin). When Sophia hires Greg, the traditional male/female roles are reversed when she retains her power and he submits to her will. The movie is the first directed by Charles Huddleston and written by Martin and Huddleston.

The film is an opportunity for audiences to see the 90210 heartthrob on the big screen and in a much different role than they get to see every week on television. "Michael is a very talented actor and I think this role is a great showcase of his breakout potential," said Huddleston, "and the edgy subject matter will give his fans a new outlook on his abilities."

Audiences may be shocked by the performance from newcomer Michele Martin as Sophia, the uncompromising object of Greg's desire. "What's so brilliant about Michele's performance and what has produced such an impact on the preview audiences is how nuanced it is," Huddleston said, "Sophia is strong and demanding, but she's also a very real person. Yes, she has confidence, but we get to glimpse beneath her armor and see why she's become the person she is."

"Too often in film we see strong female characters as either non-human, supernatural or undead. If a woman is a real person with strength, she is either the villain or someone who is ultimately presented as an example of what we are not supposed to want out of life," the director said, "Male characters aren't burdened with the same restrictions. They can be as demanding of others as they want to be, use women as disposable sex objects, pursue their own happiness at the expense of anyone who gets in the way, and still be portrayed as the hero. Sophia acts the same way a man would, and Greg loves her for it."

To the filmmakers, Greg's submission to Sophia isn't a weakness. "Greg's unwavering devotion in spite of Sophia's demands are an indication of who he really is," Martin said, "I wanted him to grow in confidence and still choose to be submissive from a position of strength. So Greg isn't just weak and run over, he wants to please her above all else, even if that means giving up his male ego."

"Assisting Venus" will premiere at a film festival early next year and the producers are currently seeking a distributor.

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