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'Ima Nobody Becomes Somebody': New Children's Book Tells Story of Overcoming Bullying

LUBBOCK, Texas, April 15, 2010 — Most every child has experienced some kind of teasing in their life, and Ima Nobody is no exception. In Ima Nobody Becomes Somebody by Brenda Poage, Ima, a quirky but lovable first-grader, attempts to conquer her bullies and go from a nobody to a somebody.

Ima is a little girl who doesn't quite look like everyone else. With bright red hair, a smattering of freckles, a gap between her teeth and long, awkward legs, it isn't just Ima's strange name that stands out from the crowd. Her bratty neighbor Billy Do-Good doesn't miss any opportunity to tease Ima about her different features and embarrass her in front of other kids.

"Ima, I never knew a Nobody that was somebody! All you Nobody's will never amount to anything, just like your name," he'd tease as he saw Ima walking to school.

Then on the very first day of school, poor Ima discovers that mean Billy Do-Good is in her same first-grade class, and all kind of teasing and bullying ensues. But soon Ima befriends Junie, a true friend who helps Ima cope with the teasing. One day the two girls hatch a brilliant idea. Inspired by a field trip to the circus where they watch a one-legged dog jump through a ring of fire, Ima decides she can train for the school Olympics and beat that Billy Do-Good once and for all. The final Olympic event brings Ima and Billy head-to-head to fight for the victory.

Will Ima Nobody finally become somebody and win? Or will Billy Do-Good's bullying prove to be too much for Ima to handle?

Ima Nobody Becomes Somebody is an inspiring tale for all children on how to overcome those that may try to keep them down, and to "fight back" against bullying in a peaceful, positive, Christian manner.  The book is a fun, entertaining way for children to learn to face difficult situations with grace and maturity.

About the author

Brenda Poage grew up in a small town in Andice, Texas. She currently resides in Lubbock, Texas with her husband Kyle and their three children — Hanna, Kyler and Kailiegh. She also has two older stepsons, Khris and Jon. Brenda based Ima Nobody on her own challenge of being bullied in her early school years. Ima Nobody Becomes Somebody is the first book in the Ima Nobody series.

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