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The iCape Is Now Available

Innovative salon apparel delivers a better experience for customers using smartphones and eBooks; iCape featured prominently at Armstrong McCall's World's Fair

NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2009 — Capemakers LLC and Bric McMann Industries today announced the immediate availability of the iCape. The iCape is an innovative hair-cutting cape with a clear window in the lap area through which a salon customer can safely read email, text messages, news, electronic books and digital magazines. It works with most electronic devices, including the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, RIM BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Amazon Kindle, Sony eReader, and Nintendo DS and DSi, among others.

The iCape was showcased September 13th and 14th during Armstrong McCall's 27th Annual World's Fair in San Antonio, Texas. Stylists at a major tradeshow exhibitor handed out more than 70 iCapes and interest at the Bric McMann booth was brisk.

In addition to the clear window, the iCape also includes the PrivacyPouch and CordCover. The PrivacyPouch is a large pocket on the inside of the cape giving the wearer total privacy and a place to put their device. The CordCover is a small flap that lets a headphone cord through the cape but keeps water and chemicals out. The iCape is approximately 45" x 60" and typically has corded edges and a five-snap neck closure from 9"-19". The iCape is made from 100% nylon and is water-resistant.

The iCape can be purchased online at and Distributors for iCape will be announced soon. Salons offering the iCape for their customers can register in the Device Friendly Salon Directory at . The directory will be promoted in local communities to help drive new business for digital-friendly salons.

In an April 2009 Pew Research survey, 32% of Americans report going online with a mobile device for email, accessing the Internet, or sending instant messages. This is up from 24% in December 2007. The iCape is unique in that it meets the needs of the 21st-century customer, enabling them to remain productive while enjoying the salon experience.

"As more and more customers stay connected wirelessly, salons offering device-friendly policies will deliver a terrific customer experience that will set them apart," said James Alexander, inventor of the iCape. "In addition to its convenience, the iCape can also help a salon promote a silent cell phone policy in a friendly way."

The patent-pending iCape is being made under an exclusive license agreement by Bric McMann Industries, the leading cutting cape manufacturer in North America. "The iCape is a game-changer … it turns a routine business expense into a competitive advantage for salons," said Eric Hofmann, president of Bric McMann. "The iCape is a great value because it's made of the highest-quality materials but costs less than most premium cutting capes."

iCape, PrivacyPouch and CordCover are trademarks of Capemakers LLC. iCape is patent-pending. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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Capemakers LLC
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Eric Hofmann
Bric McMann Industries
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