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Hope Yet, for Homeowners Affected by Chinese Drywall

Field Tests Indicate H2S Levels Reduced by 80%-90%

CHAMPLAIN, N.Y., July 17, 2009 — Electrocorp, an industrial air purification company, is receiving national attention after field testing by a Florida company showed levels of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and other gases, emitted from tainted Chinese drywall that was used to build hundreds of thousands of homes across North America, were reduced by 80% to 90% after only 24 hours of operating Electrocorp's air purification equipment.

"We expected great results from these units," said Electrocorp's sales, merchandising and design consultant, Henri Chero, "but a reduction of up to 90% of H2S levels is truly exciting. There are many families who are desperate to stay in their homes. This field testing suggests there is hope yet, for homeowners who have been affected by Chinese drywall."

Electrocorp has developed a customized carbon filter specifically to reduce the H2S and other gases that have been found to leach from what has now become known as toxic Chinese drywall.

The tainted drywall supply was manufactured in China, and imported by the U.S. when domestic supplies fell short following the construction boom that ensued after Hurricane Katrina. Tests have since identified that the drywall emits dangerous gases, including H2S, which thousands of homeowners claim have made them sick. As well, these gases can corrode wiring and other metals.

Many are calling this crisis the worst case of sick houses in U.S. history.

Electrocorp has teamed up with Spiderman Mulholland, a leading U.S. forensic investigator and owner of US Building Consultants Inc., which inspects buildings, diagnoses problems and recommends solutions.

"We are always skeptical of recommending products, until we have strong evidence that they will be effective," said Spiderman. "Since receiving the successful test results from Electrocorp's air purification systems, we have decided to move forward with a pilot program that will continue to test these machines in 25 affected homes that will be monitored for 1 year. We are confident that the results will continue to show a significant decrease in H2S levels."

The US Building Laboratories Inc. (USBLI), which conducted the testing, also indicated in their report that "no other filter, paint, encapsulator or other equipment has been able to achieve this level of success."

USBLI also performed a human test, utilizing a person with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). "When I first entered the affected home, my eyes burned, my lips felt numb, I got a headache and had difficulty breathing," said Richard Shaffer, who is diagnosed with MCS. "After the air filtration system had been running for 24 hours, I was able to enter the room without a respirator, and neither my eyes nor skin burned."

Further testing is planned by Electrocorp.

Electrocorp is a global innovator in chemical, odor and particle control. Established in 1985, the company researches and develops air quality management solutions for manufacturing, police evidence handling, laboratories and numerous industrial and commercial applications.

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