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Grassroots Effort Creates Local Economic Stimulus Package of Its Own

Portion of proceeds from sale of R Local Stimulus(TM) wristbands to benefit small businesses, charities

RIVER FOREST, Ill., March 12, 2009 — Two Chicago-area women decided to do more than just talk about the ailing economy – they decided to do something about it. They have developed a small business designed to serve as the catalyst to help other small businesses and nonprofits.

Through the sale of "R Local Stimulus(TM)" wristbands ), entrepreneurs Joana Fischer and Angela Rini are asking people to put their money where their wrist is, so to speak. The green wristbands sell for $2 each, and 20% of the profits will be donated to at least 10 small businesses and local charities.

So far, the following five businesses and two nonprofits have been selected as recipients of donations:

  • Sears Pharmacy (Oak Park, IL) (not affiliated with Sears Roebuck and Co.)
  • Villager Foods (Oak Park, IL)
  • Green Grocer Chicago
  • El Picante Food Mart (Melrose Park, IL)
  • Green Valley Grocery (Chicago)
  • PAWS Chicago
  • Dreams for Seniors (Pekin, IL)

Here's how their concept works: Local businesses will use their donation to purchase merchandise off their shelves. In turn, they will be asked to donate that merchandise to a designated charity. Service-oriented businesses will be asked to donate services equal to the amount of the donation received.

"It's a win-win proposition," said Fischer. The businesses will have profited from the large sale; vendors will receive a new purchase order for merchandise depleted from stock; and the designated charities will receive much-needed supplies and services.

Fischer calls it a "Pay It Forward" solution, referring to the movie of the same name. The premise is that if someone did you a huge favor, instead of paying him or her back you pay it forward to three people. Those three people do the same thing and so on. Fischer summed it up by saying, "One person can make a difference in the lives of many."

The women see their start-up business as an example of how individuals can help stimulate the economy and help get it back on track. They are realistic; they don't expect success overnight. "Even President Obama says events may get worse before they get better," Fischer admitted. She is optimistic, however, when it comes to America's recession: "This too shall pass."

Initially, this project will focus on the Illinois area, with plans to expand eventually into other states. For more information or to purchase "R Local Stimulus(TM)" wristbands, visit .

About R Local Stimulus(TM)

Joana Fischer is a project manager for Scienza by Rini "Skin Care for Your Hair" – a line of anti-aging products for scalp and hair that will be on the market at the end of this year or beginning of next. She has a bachelor's degree in television production from Columbia College. Angela Rini is a mother of three and former personnel manager at a large law firm in Chicago.


Joana Fischer

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