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GooSync Now Ships with MotionApps Classic

WOLVERHAMPTON, England, Oct. 22, 2009 — Classic from MotionApps, the Palm OS emulator for the new Web OS, will now include the GooSync Palm OS client as standard, providing the best over-the-air synchronization solution for Google calendars, contacts and tasks.

With the successful release of the Palm Pre supporting the new Web OS, there was only one thing missing, all of the vital Palm OS applications people have grown to love and rely on. Classic is a Palm OS emulator that runs on the Web OS, allowing you to run all Palm OS applications, now including GooSync.

GooSync ties in with original Palm OS personal management applications that are a component of the classic emulator from MotionApps, extending Google calendar to the new Palm Pre. GooSync is designed to deliver a seamless service, regardless of whether someone chooses the basic, Lite option or the Premium account's extended features.

"It's great news for users of Classic. Being able to Sync with Google straight out of the box is an invaluable business service," says Chris Jukes, CEO of Toffa and GooSync. "So while GooSync's Lite service enables you to sync the default Google Calendar, the Premium service lets you sync multiple calendars up to 365 days in advance, contacts directly with Gmail, and tasks to the GooSync inbuilt tasks application. Autosync and multiple device support are just some of the numerous features supported through GooSync." Also included are GooSync's new features from the latest release, version 2.1, such as Google contact group synchronization.

Setting up a GooSync account is easy through the official GooSync website: GooSync works on any device that is SyncML compliant, including the most recent Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola phones. It is also compatible with Windows Pocket PC, Windows SmartPhone, Palm OS, Treo, BlackBerry and Apple iPhone by installing a SyncML client.

"A secure, hassle-free experience is key to the success of GooSync, plus the fact that it's applicable to everyone, from the casual user to power user," Jukes says. "With the service based on the SyncML data protocol, most phones will have no problem running either the Lite or Premium service."

GooSync's website provides a list of all supported phones, plus details on both the Lite and Premium services. For more information, go to

For more information on MotionApps or to download Classic, visit

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For 13 years, Toffa has been a leading developer of synchronization software for mobile devices. Its GooSync, released in February 2007, is now the market leader for Google synchronization. Toffa is a proud partner of Novell(R), which certified Toffa's SyncWise and SyncWisePro under its respected YES, Tested and Approved program. Toffa's software provides comprehensive synchronization facilities between Novell(R) GroupWise(R) and any Palm OS(R) connected organizers. Products now in the design stage at Toffa include further iPhone and Android applications.

Despite the company's quick, steady growth, Toffa continually provides highly personal, direct service to customers, representing countless sectors and industries but sharing the common need for efficient, reliable communications. To learn more about Toffa International, visit


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