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GenesisOne Inc. Partners with ComponentSource; GenesisOne, Revolutionizing "Big Data" Automates Source Code Data Flow Visualization for SQL Server

RESTON, Va., July 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — GenesisOne, who has a Legacy software breakthrough and industry-first T-SQL Source Code Unscrambler that automatically unscrambles pre-written source code and provides organized Data Flow within T-SQL stored procedures, signs partnership with ComponentSource.

Sam Patterson, CEO, ComponentSource commented, "ComponentSource has partnered with GenesisOne to provide a new category, SQL Code Analysis, for SQL Server on their online marketplace.  We believe that GenesisOne offers a unique technology that stands alone in the marketplace. By delving into the source code, developers and managers alike gain Data Flow insight and time savings like never before. It's a new evolution in "Big Data" tailored for the professionals who make Big Data possible."

The world-renowned Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering performed independent, black-box testing of the Unscrambler against a full scale test suite and can attest to a 100% pass rate against that test suite.

Unscrambler White Paper:

Why was GenesisOne T-SQL Source Code Unscrambler developed?

The Problem

Many organizations are currently supporting systems that were built by developers who have either moved on or, even if they're still there, may not remember anything about the code that was written. This means that making changes or corrections involves studying thousands of lines of code for logic and dependencies. The T-SQL Source Code Unscrambler can drastically cut the time it takes to understand any T-SQL code, regardless of who wrote it or when it was written.

GenesisOne's Solution

Source code visualization is one of the most effective means of understanding the logic and Data Flow of code without having to read through thousands of SQL lines. By summarizing the enormous amount of code detail into an accurate, easy-to-understand graphical representation, the T-SQL Source Code Unscrambler provides significant efficiency gains that are realized across the entire organization.

Who Benefits from GenesisOne T-SQL Source Code Unscrambler?

Use Case Example, Unscramble Legacy code, both current and old:

  • Project Managers can track coding progress and verify functionality without having to read the code.
  • Development Managers can perform analysis of the code as it is being developed.
  • Operational Personnel can know what's on their servers and generate formal reference documentation.
  • Consultants can provide high quality documentation for clients.
  • Developers new to a project can get up to speed quickly and understand all code relationships.

ComponentSource offers a 14 day free trial of GenesisOne T-SQL Unscrambler available at

About GenesisOne Inc:

GenesisOne Inc. is a leading provider of software code analysis tools. GenesisOne is a privately held company with a management team comprised of a unique blend of highly qualified and motivated professionals with diverse backgrounds in a public and private sectors.

About ComponentSource:

ComponentSource is the world's largest marketplace and community for reusable software components for all platforms in over 180 countries.

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