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Gatfol Startup Announces Second Round of Funding and Massively Scalable Semantic Engine Closed Beta Release

Gatfol aims to be the world's foremost technology in enabling humans to talk to data on machines

CENTURION, South Africa, April 4, 2012 — The Gatfol ( natural language semantic engine — algorithms for changing keyword input ( into man-to-machine questioning communication — has been in stealth development for over 9 years. With the current announced Beta release, Gatfol technology is now on the verge of providing the promised quantum leap data-access jump that is vital to keep major industries worldwide confidently surfing the information tsunami.

Within two months after announcement of patent filing and initial seed funding ), founder and current CEO of Gatfol, Carl Greyling, releases news of the successful outcome of a second round of funding.

As detailed in the Gatfol blog (, over twenty industries and Internet fields are now being covered by Gatfol technology, including: Banking, Content Filtering, Data Leakage Prevention (DLP), Image/Video Analysis, Neuro Tech Control, Online Advertising, Online Retail, Robotics, Security, Social Networking and Web Intelligence.

Gatfol attracted strong interest from investors worldwide in the recent funding round, including a funding group in the USA as well as local South African investors.

"We were fortunate in that we had a spread of opportunities to build on our current strong synergy-lined investor pool," explains Greyling — and added that "It is critical for Gatfol to move within the next three months from the proven prototype technical environment to a full-scale large server outlay, preferably Hadoop cloud based, supported by 'edge location' push technology."

According to Greyling, "With Gatfol Cloud we will be able to provide inline streaming semantic analysis in the millisecond production range, which is critical in helping large sub-second data-critical clients such as banks and search engines. Massive Gatfol Cloud roll-out is therefore where our latest funding will be utilised."

Current projections are for the Gatfol prototype Beta release to be private for three months, with public Beta to be announced at the end of June 2012. Greyling says, "We would like Gatfol's first public delivery to be as powerful as possible given available funding and reasonable final launch dates."

About Gatfol

Conceptual thought around the Gatfol algorithms was initiated roughly 12 years ago in the UK. The Gatfol technology currently in development received an EMDA Innovation in Software award from the European Union in 2006.

While it is Gatfol's big vision to eventually enable humans to converse with all machines containing or routing data, a more immediate goal encompasses data search, as search is effectively talking to information. Current efforts are concentrated on applying Gatfol's technology to improve search using semantic intelligence (meaning in data), both on the Web and in proprietary databases. Gatfol technology was provisionally patented in the USA in April 2011 and is in process of being PCT protected in 144 countries worldwide.

Those interested in learning more about Gatfol technology can visit

Carl Greyling
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Twitter: @gatfolsearch

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