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Food Security Is Top Reason for New Gardeners to Grow Food, Survey Shows

New Video Course Shows How to Be Self-Sufficient and Grow Healthy Food

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 6, 2012 — What is behind the huge trend of vegetable gardens and backyard chickens?

Surprisingly, it is not the higher costs of groceries. A recent survey showed the biggest motivation for 1,598 new gardeners to start growing their own food is food security, says Marjory Wildcraft, creator of the acclaimed tutorial titled "Grow Your Own Groceries," which contains 2 DVDs and a CD mini-library.

The second biggest motivator was concerns with toxicities in groceries, says Wildcraft. Food costs placed a distant fourth.

"People are concerned about disruptions of the food supply due to economic collapse, pandemics, terror events, or natural disasters," says Wildcraft. The "Grow Your Own Groceries" video training course is rapidly becoming the standard video training tool and reference source for people who want to learn how to grow food and take control of their food supply.

"Backyard food production makes so much sense and "Grow Your Own Groceries" will pay for itself many times over starting with your first garden or livestock project," says Wildcraft, who has been featured as a guest on over 150 radio, podcast, print, and television shows. "We found that people learn better by watching videos rather than reading. That's what makes our course so unique and so helpful."

The USDA says the average family of four spends nearly $15,208 per year on groceries. Wildcraft says people can grow their own groceries for much less, and get much higher quality food.

"Grow Your Own Groceries" is endorsed by The Permaculture Activist,, World Hunger Relief Missionaries, The Organic Consumers Association, Alex Jones' Infowars, and The Weston-Price Nutrition Foundation.

The principles in the DVD training course are universal and are applicable to everyone living everywhere, regardless of climate. People who live in apartments can also grow their own food.

Backyard gardeners can get a series of impactful videos delivered to their inbox every day for free when they subscribe to Wildcraft's "Getting Started Kit" at

"I came from a business background and could not keep one house plant alive. But now I grow more than half of what I eat. I've learned what works and what doesn't," she says.

"Grow Your Own Groceries" answers such questions as:

"This DVD set will literally save you years in getting your own food production going at home. It is an amazing video, well-paced, captivating, packed full with everything you really need to know. It is astonishing how well thought out this set is," says Jack Spirko, host of "The Survival Podcast."

Creating the videos is part of a mission for Wildcraft, who is passionate about sustainable living and self-reliance.

"I've been dedicated to finding the easiest methods for growing food on a family scale," says Wildcraft, who teaches people with no gardening or agriculture experience how to successfully grow healthy, vibrant, nutritious food.

"I wanted to do something about the chemicals in my food, GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) corn, depleted soils, and the horror of commercial meat production. I felt vulnerable when I realized how dependent I was on huge, corporate agri-business for my food supply. The sense of security is priceless knowing that come what may, I am able to feed my family," she says.

Many people agreed and bought copies of "Grow Your Own Groceries." It's been sold in over 30 countries. Even people who don't have green thumbs have told Wildcraft that watching her videos gave them the knowledge and confidence to be successful.

"I put everything I know into the videos, including my failures. I've gotten thousands of emails with people telling me how much they appreciated how I show the techniques that didn't work," she says.

"Grow Your Own Groceries" contains two DVDs and a bonus CD with a 60-document mini-library. As a bonus, customers receive the book "How To Grow More Vegetables," which is the bible of sustainable growing.

The package can be purchased for only two payments of $47 at

The product carries a risk-free, 60-day money-back guarantee.

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