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Ecigazon, Reforming Obama's Health with Holiday Gift

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 24, 2009 —, an Electronic Cigarette company and advocate for Electronic Cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco smoking, has sent its own Health Reform to the White House: an Electronic Cigarette as a gift to President Obama for the holidays.

"Let's face it, Obama is a smoker. He's been a very busy man with his campaign, the election, the problems in the economy, and health care reform — all on his to-do list over the past few years," says Ecigazon founder Bruce Allen. "That's a lot of stress. I read he's 95% quit so maybe the no nicotine options can keep him from falling back to his old habit."

Until studies are done, the end user should determine if no carbon monoxide and zero tar make Electronic Cigarettes the "healthier alternative" when compared to Tobacco Cigarettes, as the FDA has not approved the Electronic Cigarette.

"These devices have helped thousands of people switch to what I view as a less toxic habit or quit Tobacco Cigarettes entirely," says Bruce. "Tobacco is still the leading cause of preventable disease in the U.S. and this device could be part of the solution. Tobacco Cigarettes pollute air/water, create litter, cause expensive fires, and drive up health care costs. Electronic Cigarettes don't have these drawbacks, and offer smokers the same smoking experience with less negatives. Tobacco Cigarettes are expensive not only for an individual in terms of health and dollar costs, but also for our entire economy.

"The fact that thousands of Americans have tried so many other methods to kick the habit and failed, then easily quit with Ecigs, myself included, makes me hope the FDA changes its stand in the near future. Regardless, I think the choice is up to the consumer whether this is the right choice."

This holiday season Electronic Cigarettes make a great gift for smokers as an alternative to tobacco smoking. There are many reasons to give this gift to loved ones who currently smoke and are over 18. These devices are a Green alternative as they produce no tar or ash. Ecig smokers also save money, and saving thousands of dollars sways many users to switch. An Ecig is more convenient because it doesn't fall under most U.S smoking bans, but we encourage all users to ask the establishment before using their Ecig. For indoor use, Ecigs' odorless vapor dissipates in seconds and is clearly superior to the secondhand smoke normal cigarettes produce.

Price and Availability

The basic Electronic Cigarette model is $54.95 with free shipping. There is also a monthly auto refill service which sends users pre-filled cartridges for $49.99 a month with free shipping and no long-term commitments.

Ecigazon is also sponsoring Electronic Cigarette advocacy via our ProEcig campaign on the Ning social network, and a presence on all major social networking sites. In the future we are working towards decreasing costs to our consumers, increasing product offerings, and engaging customers on and other social networking sites.


Bruce Allen: Email or (888) 776-3244

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