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Drama Meets Comedy, Satire Meets Tragedy in New Novel

KUWAIT CITY, June 2, 2010 — In "A Column named The World We Live In" (published by AuthorHouse), author Ali M. blends several genres and writing techniques to reflect on life, human nature and the world.

The vignettes revolve around six characters, each living in different places around the world at different times. The stories take place from the beginning of the third millennium to the not-so-distant future of 2014. From Argentina to Canada and from New York to South Africa to the Middle East, the narratives present a roller coaster ride around the globe with characters of different ages, backgrounds, race and religion.

Danny Delginio, a middle-aged American writer/columnist, is a frustrated man seeking meanings and answers, trying to define life and the world we live in.

Al, an average-Joe teenager/young man, becomes a rich, successful entrepreneur. He's an intense, passionate lover who's in love with Faith; she doesn't return his love but uses him and takes advantage of his kindness.

Muhammad, a Muslim soldier fighting on the battlefronts of war in the Middle East, is caught between terrorism and justified resistance in the name of God, country and self-defense.

Ms. Ambrose, both a philanthropist/humanitarian and a journalist/reporter, meets and interviews Muhammad as she covers the war. Later, she meets Gab, a middle-aged Argentinean who has left his country and settled in Canada — leaving his wife and his son behind.

"A Column named The World We Live In" takes a magnified look into life and the world — offering a light of hope, rays of renewed passion and horizons for new beginnings to make the world and life a better place to be.

About the Author

Ali M. was born in Kuwait in 1984. He graduated from the College of Business Administration, Kuwait University in 2007 and is currently earning his MBA degree from The American University of the Middle East. At the age of 25, Ali M. started his own business and founded Almumen Trainings & Creativity, a training/consultancy firm specializing in personal development and creativity. This is his debut novel. He lives in Kuwait.

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