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Deven Software Automates the Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence Process by Announcing the Availability of Its New Web-based Due Diligence Application

Due diligence in the merger and acquisition world is a daunting and labor-intensive process. Deven Software is helping address this challenge by launching a FREE due diligence software application to help Corporate Development Teams, M&A Professionals, M&A Advisors, M&A Consultants and Private Equity firms better manage the due diligence process.

GREENBELT, Md., Dec. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Deven Software introduces its groundbreaking Due Diligence Management and Collaboration software to the market. This new software offering enables users to automate their spreadsheet-based checklists, templates and manage documents used in the production of Due Diligence, in a single application platform.   The Due Diligence Module is a subset of EMA-Transact, Deven Software's robust target and deal management platform.  All due diligence features of EMA-Transact enterprise edition are available for use in this FREE software module.

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The Due Diligence module is a user-friendly, multi-functional management application providing users with features to manage the transaction process with ease. "The software improves the due diligence process by automating all milestones and deliverables as well as dependencies and deadlines for each given task in the process," states Paul Saldo, Deven Software Chief Sales Officer – "Managing risks, issues and timelines is easily tracked for each user, so no important deadline goes missed or forgotten."  Easy access is readily available for all due diligence documents from multiple sources. The application can associate documents to due diligence steps, milestones and deliverables as well as manage, link and store all documents within the application database.  No longer do you have to worry about sensitive documents residing on your network drive.

"We are offering this version of our application for free to introduce people to a better way to manage the deluge of activities and data that characterize many due diligence efforts," states Nick Perdikis, Deven Software CEO – "Teams have tried to tackle part of this issue with storing documents in the cloud, but that only addresses documents.  We have taken a major leap forward and solved both the document and process challenge in one unified application."

This new application module is available for setup and installation free for up to three users per company with no commitment of purchase. Additional seats and access to the full functionality of EMA-Transact is available for purchase. The application comes with 16 GB of document storage FREE and has no expiration date.  Additional storage is available and competitively priced.  Information on our free due diligence module is available at

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Paul Saldo
Chief Sales Officer

Nick Perdikis
Chief Executive Officer