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Deven Software Announces Release of EMA V12, Taking M&A and Divestiture Management to the Next Level With Integrated Data Capture, Tracking, Reporting and Intuitive User Interface

GREENBELT, Md., Feb. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — With Mergers and Acquisitions accelerating in 2014 the need for easy to use M&A management tools to organize and execute deals has never been greater.  Acquisitive companies and those returning into the M&A space are often plagued with using multiple applications, convoluted user interfaces and outdated solutions that are difficult to use and integrate.


"We are very excited about this latest release of our Enterprise Mergers & Acquisitions (EMA) software platform for M&A professionals, corporate development and integration teams to better manage their pre-close and post-merger integration activities," said Nick Perdikis, CEO of Deven Software – "M&A is complex and impacts all facets of the acquiring and acquired company.  EMA V12 helps reduce the clutter and complexity by clearly organizing, presenting and managing all activities of the M&A process in a simple easy-to-use and context rich UI."

"Our EMA v12 user interface makes M&A project organization simple and outlines the navigation process with visual prompts to quickly and easily use application features intuitively.  This improves efficiencies thereby reducing project costs" stated Paul Saldo Deven Software's CSO.

EMA v12 embraces the industry's growing flat design user experience standard for next gen desktop and mobile applications.  Flat design is becoming ubiquitous and evolving as the UX of choice to meet ease-of-use requirements and visual consistency for feature rich applications.

EMA v12 release includes new enhancements and refinements to its existing Enterprise class application EMA Transact & Integrate.


EMA V12 is available immediately as On-Demand and On-Premise options.  Features in EMA V12 include:

– Multiple Target Tracking – Audit Logs
– Target Scoring and Ranking – Executive Map
– Financial Summary – Plan, Forecast & Actual Dates
– Due Diligence – Reporting & Analytics
– Reusable Process Library – Shared Database for Seamless Integration
– Email Integration – Gantt Chart
– Import / Export Wizard – M&A Integration Playbook
– Auto Email Notifications – Manage Multiple Integrations
– Activity Assignment – Integration Phases
– Synergy Financial Targets and Actuals – Integration Map
– Milestones & Deliverables – Issues & Risks
– Document Management – Detailed Security Access


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Deven Software is exclusively focused on bringing innovative and practical software solutions to M&A professionals, corporate development and post-merger integration teams. For more information on Deven Software and the EMA suite of products, please visit our web site Product briefings are available by contacting us at or 855-DEVENSOFT (855-338-3676).

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