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Detox-Eat-Move in the New Year: Weight Loss System Delivers Lifesaving Results for Diabetic Mother

WASHINGTON, Dec. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Just half a year ago, Mona Aaron's personal "time bomb" was ticking. This Waldorf, Md.-based mother in the prime of her life weighed 212 pounds and wore a size 18. She also took five different medications to manage three life-threatening conditions — diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Treating the symptoms of her medical conditions on a daily basis was a regular brutal reminder that Mona's life was at risk and that only a serious change in diet and lifestyle would change the course of her life.

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Then one morning when she was taking her 11-year-old son to the bus stop, Mona tuned into "The Steve Harvey Morning Show," which that day featured JJ Smith, nutritionist, weight loss expert and developer of the Detox-Eat-Move (DEM) System™. Mona listened as JJ described how the three-phase DEM System™ could shed stubborn body fat, reverse health problems, and restore the body to optimal health. She immediately bought JJ's bestselling book, Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out! (See sample chapters at

"Six months later, I weigh 155 pounds, wear a size 8, and no longer need medication for my diabetes and cholesterol," said Mona ( "My blood pressure medication has been reduced to 10 mg, and I am hoping to be off of that medication on my next doctor's visit next month."

While some may view Mona's case as exceptional, it's anything but a stroke of luck, according to JJ, who designed the weight loss system with only one goal in mind: fast results.

A natural, stress-free strategy, the DEM System features solutions to detoxify the body, balance hormones, and boost metabolism to burn fat effortlessly. Uniquely, JJ's methodology melts fat without an exercise regime or rigorous workout, and it does not force people to consume diet food, count calories, or starve themselves. It's simply a proactive approach to nutrition — tailored to the distinct demands and sensitivities of women's bodies. A growing number of women like Mona are using this approach to defeat obesity and associated medical problems.

"Mona's courageous story and gorgeous photo demonstrate that she is winning the battle against obesity and chronic disease," stated JJ. "I am happy that Mona shared her success with the DEM System because it shows how this approach can actually exceed expectations. More than simply putting women on the weight-loss path, the DEM System can deliver lifesaving results."

JJ concluded, "Ladies, it's time to get healthy now. Resolve to Detox-Eat-Move in 2013."

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JJ Smith ( is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller and USA Today Bestseller, Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out. JJ is a nutritionist and certified weight-loss expert who has been regularly featured in today's popular print and online media, on major news networks, and on daily programs such as "The Steve Harvey Morning Show," "The Montel Williams Show," and "The Jamie Foxx Show." Since reclaiming her health, losing weight, and discovering a "second youth" in her 40s, bestselling author JJ Smith has become the voice of inspiration to women who want to lose weight, be healthy, and get their sexy back.

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