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Cyber Menace: Successful Silicon Valley Couple Endangered by Internet Killer in New Book

SAN FRANCISCO, March 22, 2007 — In this age of the Internet revolution, it is possible to do everything on the Internet from shopping and gaming to making new friends. Author Nicholas Bain explores the consequences of becoming too deeply entrenched in the World Wide Web in his new book, "The Netroom Predator" (now available through AuthorHouse).

Mike and Karen Alexander seem to live a charmed life. Happily married and living comfortably in Northern California during the height of the Internet revolution in 1999, they cannot predict the danger they will soon face.

Though they both use the Internet for a wide array of tasks in their daily lives, Mike begins to take his Internet interest too far. He develops an addiction, and becomes immersed in the Internet fantasy he has created for himself through a wide circle of "cyber friends."

As Mike's fantasy Internet world begins to trickle into his reality, his marriage is soon jeopardized by his illicit meetings with female cyber friends. His addiction soon becomes even more dangerous as his cyber friends become victims of a real-life Internet serial killer.

Woven into the story is Mike's best friend, co-worker and rival Doug, who also places himself in harm's way through his Internet relationships. Sarah, who began meeting people on the Internet to help her transition back into the dating world after divorce, narrowly escapes the killer and becomes obsessed with finding him to exact revenge.

"When dark chat-room fantasies become reality, cyber-sex, taboos, affairs and even murder soon encompass their lives," Bain says. "'The Netroom Predator' is a captivating and thrilling story that plummets the reader into the chilling dark side of the cyber world. It is sexy, mysterious and unpredictable as it follows the terrifying awakening of a psychotic Internet serial killer."

Bain has dreamed of becoming a writer since childhood. In college, he aspired to become a journalist and served as sports editor for his school's newspaper as well as editor of the yearbook. However, he ultimately changed his course of study to business and earned a bachelor's degree in business administration. His varied career has included positions in distribution, non-profit agency work for the developmentally disabled and entertainment. He also co-owned a successful television entertainment production company. He moved to Northern California in 1996 and worked as CFO for a software company and general manager for a digital entertainment distributor. There he met his Ukrainian-born wife, Natasha. "The Netroom Predator" is his first book, but he is currently working on a second novel titled "Harbour Island."

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