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Cost Saving Ideas for Implementing Barcode Inventory and Production Tracking and Warehouse Management Systems

MILLBURY, Mass., April 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — BellHawk Systems Corporation,, announces the availability of a new white paper on "Cost Saving Ideas for Implementing Barcode Inventory and Production Tracking and Warehouse Management Systems." This white paper, which is available as a free PDF download, presents lessons learned by Dr. Peter Green and his team in implementing nearly 100 of those systems.

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Some ideas presented include:

  1. Use low-cost consumer Android tablets in combination with Bluetooth barcode scanners instead of expensive mobile data collection devices.
  2. Subscribe to your barcode tracking software, for as little as $100/month, rather than buying it.
  3. Use inexpensive Cloud-based hosting services for under $50/month rather than buying and maintaining your own server.
  4. Start with a free trial subscription, such as those available for the BellHawk software, and then incrementally expand the system as your business grows.
  5. Use pre-printed tracking barcodes instead of purchasing barcode label printers.
  6. Use a low-cost barcode tracking system in combination with an accounting system rather than buying an expensive ERP system.

This white paper is especially focused on the needs of the small and mid-sized manufacturers, food processors, and industrial distributors that need to implement these systems at minimum cost, while retaining the ability to have the system grow as their business expands.

This white paper, along with other white papers on similar topics, is available from the White Paper Tab of

BellHawk Systems specializes in providing software for implementing inventory and work-in-process tracking and materials traceability systems for manufacturers, food and pharmaceutical processors, distributors, defense contractors, biotechnology laboratories and other industrial organizations. This software is available on a subscription basis for installation within a client's own plant or in the Cloud at a remote data center.

Subscriptions to the BellHawk Software can be purchased directly through BellHawk Systems as well as through a nationwide network of BellHawk Solution Partners who provide complete turnkey solutions, including the needed barcode scanning, printing and mobile computing equipment.

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