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Cost Effective Replacements for Sage Pro and Sage PFW ERP Software

MILLBURY, Mass., July 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Sage has announced the end of life for its Pro and PFW software products, as of March 2014. This has left many users of these Sage products uncertain as to how best to replace the use of this software within their organizations. BellHawk Systems announces the availability of two white papers. One is on cost effective replacement alternatives for Sage Pro and the other for Sage PFW. These are available through the White Papers tab on the BellHawk website at

Sage has announced free upgrades from Pro and PFW to Sage 300 until September 30, 2013. While Sage 300 provides the needed financial features, it does not meet the needs of many industrial users who depend on the distribution and manufacturing capabilities of PFW and Pro. It also does not meet the needs of users of Pro who have come to depend on the availability of source code to modify the software to meet their specific business needs.

Especially hard hit are users of these products who are distributors and processors of regulated products such as food, drink, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and biologics, as well as manufacturers of formulated and engineered products. For these users, the only alternative offered by Sage is to upgrade to X3, which can cost over $100,000.

For these users, BellHawk Systems now offers the alternative of combining the free upgrade to Sage 300 with its BellHawk real-time inventory and work-in-process tracking software to provide the same operational capabilities that users had with Pro and PFW at a cost of under $20,000. Alternately these users can transition to using BellHawk plus QuickBooks Enterprise, thereby cutting the annual maintenance cost for the financial software from several thousand dollars a year to under $1,000 a year.

The BellHawk software provides real-time inventory and work-in-process capabilities, using wireless mobile computers, as well as providing an integrated manufacturing execution system's capability. It is used by organizations that need real-time materials tracking and traceability combined with accurate job costing and real-time point-of-action mistake prevention. BellHawk is available as an online (SaaS) service as well as for on-premises installation. User modifiable VB.Net source code is also available.

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