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Clinical Studies Career Skills: Prep for Clinical Trials Jobs in Latin America at University of California San Diego Workshop

LA JOLLA, Calif., March 28, 2012 — Even in an era of global financial crisis, the search for new, safe and effective drugs and other interventions is a growing industry. In the past decade, Latin America has become the world's fourth largest clinical trials market, according to research reported by DataEdge. These investigations into new drugs, devices and interventions are scientifically designed, strictly controlled, and meet requirements for regulatory approval of new therapies.

For researchers, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals who wish to launch a career in international clinical trials, or for those who already have experience and are looking to increase their productivity and competitiveness in this emerging field, UC San Diego Extension is offering a unique intensive workshop in San Diego, Calif., April 18-20, 2012 (

"The demand for clinical trials in Latin America is expected to grow tenfold in the next five years," says Dr. Leonel Villa-Caballero, the director of the Latin America clinical trials program at UC San Diego Extension. "In Brazil, clinicians and other health professionals need specific expertise in the design and administration of trials to meet high government standards in the region."

Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru are the primary Latin American centers for clinical trials. In these countries, it is possible to rapidly recruit and enroll qualified subjects because of their combined population of 500 million people. With 70 percent of that population concentrated primarily in urban areas, ease of outreach and scientific supervision are significantly streamlined. With a significant population of lower economic means who are less able to afford high-level clinical care for some of the world's most common conditions and diseases, clinical trials also offer subjects the opportunity to receive no-cost medical care in an investigative setting.

In addition to a large pool of potential subjects, the clinical trials boom in Spanish-speaking countries has also sparked strong demand for highly educated administrators and coordinators for these investigations.

"Offering a clinical trials program totally in Spanish ensures we are reaching the important Latin America research market, in addition to researchers and clinicians in Spain," says Dr. Villa-Caballero.

This year's Third Intensive Workshop in Clinical Trials Administration in Latin America will cover such topics as:

  • Design considerations in new clinical studies
  • Regulatory aspects of international clinical research
  • Critical elements of monitoring clinical trials
  • Ethical issues in subject recruitment

The program will offer participants the chance to learn in a small, intimate, interactive setting, with guidance and instruction from UC San Diego faculty.

  • Dr. Laurence Brunton, professor of Pharmacology and editor of Bases of Pharmacology from Goodman and Gilman, UCSD School of Medicine
  • Dr. Francisco Villarreal, Professor of Pharmacology, UCSD School of Medicine
  • Dr. Januario Castro, Associate Clinical Professor, UCSD Moores Cancer Center
  • Dr. Sergio Guerrero, Director of the International Research Center, Hospital OCA Monterrey
  • Dr. Martha Parra Diaz, New Molecules and Clinical Research Committee, COFEPRIS
  • Dr. Cesar Amescua, Medical Director, Hospital Angeles Tijuana
  • Fred Fowler, Account Manager Clinical Research, Aerotek

Enrollment information is at the web page at (click on Enrollment). For more information, contact Saytel Lopez at (858)534-9278 or Email

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