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Christmas Books 2013: Sylvia Moss Publishes Photographic Journey of the "Angels of New York"

Stunning Piece of Art History is an Illuminating Guidebook to New York City

NEW YORK, Nov. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — "Angels of New York," a meditative photographic book that takes readers on a journey which features exquisite images and exclusive writings from acclaimed photographer and author Sylvia Moss, OM, BHS, has been published today. The art book was envisioned and crafted as an experiential tool for personal transformation.

"Angels of New York" invites everyone to bask in the healing majesty of Gabriel, Michael, and the myriad of other angels that grace New York City's edifices and walkways, including little-known treasures such as other-worldly bronzes by Salvador Dali.

"Many people resonate with angels, while others are deeply inspired by the gorgeous architecture that permeates New York City. I feel honored and blessed to share this labor of love, which can now serve as an experiential tour map for these angelic works of art," said Moss, a renowned photographer and vibrational sound and energy healer.

"From the onset, my primary goal has been to create a special vehicle for heart openings and stress relief. For the many who often feel lost within this chaotic world, a sudden connection with an angelic visual, can stimulate fond memories and serve as a transformational escape to a more positive time or dimension," said Moss whose photographs have been published in periodicals and newspapers throughout the United States, including The New York Times, Dance Pages Magazine, and Angels on Earth magazine.

Coming soon will be an e-book with, a walking-tour map app that can go along with the book and original music to further connect with each of the angels

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About Sylvia Moss

Sylvia Moss, OM, BHS, is an accomplished sound healer and spiritual teacher with a passion for helping others grow and transform. Her extensive training in a variety of techniques allows her to facilitate many different facets of healing and spiritual growth. Moss is founder of Alchemy Energetic Healing and maintains an active international healing practice. Additionally she is an ordained interfaith minister and Crystal Singing Bowl Master and is well known for her extraordinary group and individual vibrational sound healing sessions.

She has exhibited at MOMA Wales, in galleries, and private collections.