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Changing ROI to Drive a Ten-Fold Increase in Wind, Solar Power in Mobile Telecom

CAMPBELL, Calif., June 21, 2010 — A new report released today by Mobile Experts predicts a dramatic increase in renewable energy usage by mobile operators. "Solar panels and wind turbines currently have a good ROI for remote mobile base stations, but ongoing economic changes will bring the payback period to less than six months over the next ten years," said Joe Madden, Principal Analyst at Mobile Experts. "The changes in ROI expectations will create a tectonic shift in the industry, shifting over 150,000 base station sites from diesel generators to alternative energy sources over the next 10 years."

"The change in this market will begin during 2010. The Government of India has initiated some major incentives to drive installation of thousands of solar panels during the next six months," explained Mr. Madden. "This kind of government program will build enough economy of scale for the mobile industry to embrace solar panels more globally."

The new report can be found at, and provides:

  • Detailed and comprehensive analysis of the installed base of off-grid, poor-grid, and on-grid telecom sites;
  • Current ROI models which illustrate the best scenarios for wind and solar power today;
  • Future ROI models which estimate the payback period for wind and solar power plants installed through 2020;
  • Quantitative forecasts for wind turbines and solar panels in the mobile telecommunications market through 2020;
  • Concise explanation of the market drivers and inhibitors associated with alternative energy.

Over two billion people live in emerging markets, in rural communities that remain uncovered by mobile infrastructure. Two billion others are covered by cell sites which rely heavily on diesel fuel as a primary power source. This report provides detailed analysis of the market shift, to bring reliable power to remote areas so that inexpensive telecommunications can be possible.

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