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New CFI Group Study Profiles the Online Citizen

ACSI study released today looks at government website users – who they are and what matters most in user experience

ANN ARBOR, Mich., March 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — CFI Group announced the release of the 2016 Government Websites Study. This study provides much needed information about citizens' perceptions of agency websites, but also profiles the citizen visitors to understand where and why they are visiting. Agencies can use this report to improve the online experience for citizens, make informed resource allocation decisions, and decrease the use of more expensive forms of contact.

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The study, performed in partnership with the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), examines multiple characteristics of government website visitors.

"As online resources continue to become the primary way to gather information from the government, high-quality websites will benefit both the citizen and the agency," said CEO Sheri Petras. "We find that people who are seeking specific information are often not getting their needs met. This creates frustration among citizens and is more expensive for agencies when these citizens are forced to call or visit in person."

The study shows citizen satisfaction with government websites lags behind the private sector and suggests many agencies would increase website satisfaction levels significantly by directing resources to improve specific aspects of functionality and navigation.

"We understand government web managers and designers face a significant challenge in trying to present a large amount of information while providing a way for citizens to quickly access specific details they're looking for," Petras said. "Agencies that can provide user-friendly paths to their most sought-after information will see a positive impact on citizen satisfaction."

To obtain the complete Government Websites Study, including suggested methods for tailoring content and features to improve website user satisfaction, visit

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