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Cariden Introduces Blueprint for Infrastructure SDN

White Paper Hosted by SDNCentral Discloses Network Services OS (NS-OS) Details and Value Propositions

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Aug. 8, 2012 — Network operators expect SDN technology to simplify their networks and make them more agile for the creation of high-value services. To meet these challenges, Cariden Technologies, Inc. announced a blueprint for a class of SDN solutions that will provide visibility and programmability for enterprise and service provider data centers and networks.

Distinct classes of SDN have emerged based on use case and value proposition, and Cariden explains how to view them through their prisms of value:

  • Flow Services SDN addresses the wealth of security and visibility applications that become possible with flow-level programmability
  • Virtualization SDN provides virtual network connectivity for efficiency and agility
  • Infrastructure SDN — introduced by Cariden — exposes network resources for continual optimization and predictable handling of diverse traffic demands

The platform requirements for an Infrastructure SDN can best be illustrated by two specific use cases: Bandwidth Calendaring and Demand Placement. Bandwidth Calendaring provides visibility and reservations of network resources across time; examples that leverage this include data center replication, video streaming and cloud services migration. Demand Placement informs applications of availability of network resources in different locations; relevant examples include content cache placement and network-aware DNS.

Cariden's vision of abstracting and controlling physical resources through software — realized in the creation of a Network Services OS (NS-OS) — forms the core of an Infrastructure SDN solution. The NS-OS operates in three layers:

  • Network Controllers layer that is the equivalent of device drivers in computer operating systems providing I/O and control to specific devices (an OpenFlow controller, if present, would be integrated at this layer)
  • Network Model layer that provides an abstract view of network resources and reservations across time
  • Services Control layer that provides intelligence for controlling network paths, network admission and orchestration tasks

"We have used Cariden's Path Computation Element (PCE) functionality in support of an architectural redesign that prepared us for increased traffic," said Mike Hellers, Network Engineering Manager at LINX. "Cariden's new service controllers are an exciting way to make their NS-OS more adaptable and agile for admissions control and fuller orchestration of our network."

Many other customers have realized huge savings using Cariden's capabilities for streamlining processes and for delivering cost-efficient, reliable services. Cariden's MATE platform provides accurate traffic and topology simulations at very frequent intervals, with fast and reliable mechanisms to engineer network-wide traffic and to centralize provisioning to deploy configuration changes.

"Essentially, Cariden has been providing software defined networking solutions since the inception of the company," said Arman Maghbouleh, President of Cariden Technologies. "Working hand in glove with our customers we have developed key components of the NS-OS — PCE, abstraction, predictive analytics, and network discovery and integration — throughout our decade-long history."

The white paper detailing Infrastructure SDN and its benefits for resource-constrained and dynamic demand environments can be downloaded at SDNCentral ( "As the independent resource for software-defined networking (SDN), we are thrilled to share Cariden's Infrastructure SDN whitepaper with the SDNCentral community," said Matthew Palmer, Partner at SDNCentral, LLC. "The community is clamoring for SDN educational content from different viewpoints like the Cariden white paper."

This need is often seen in the service provider space. "Our research indicates a strong majority of service providers planning or considering SDN deployments," noted Michael Howard, co-founder and CEO of Infonetics Research. "Yet solutions to address this market — with its diverse infrastructure, resource constraints, and dynamic demands — are only starting to appear. Cariden's Infrastructure Network Services OS (NS-OS) is tightly aligned with the requirements spelled out by carriers."

Cariden is currently engaged with its technology-leading customers in deploying Infrastructure SDN with an eye to making the NS-OS generally available in 2013. For more information on this architecture, see

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