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CALLAHEAD Heats Up New York City with Their Spectacular Special Event Porta Potty Rentals

It doesn't matter whether you are looking for a portable toilet rental for a wedding, a family reunion, or a backyard barbecue, CALLAHEAD offers the most luxurious, unique porta potty rentals in New York City

NEW YORK, April 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — This winter has been a tough one for New York, so it's no surprise that springtime is being welcomed with open arms. The city is abuzz with talk of all of the outdoor activities being planned, with no detail being forgotten. However, one part of an open-air event that is often overlooked is where the guests are going to use the restroom. This is where CALLAHEAD steps up to the plate with the bat swinging. They have the widest variety of portable toilets New York has ever seen. Each one has been meticulously designed to provide its users with a VIP experience, while coordinating flawlessly with a variety of themes.

Purple Potty Portable Toilet for Kids by CALLAHEAD

When a CALLAHEAD porta potty is placed at a special event, it is clear that the party is going to be a success. Instead of having to dread using the restroom, the guests will actually look forward to it. Additionally, each of CALLAHEAD's special occasion portable toilets is a true work of art. Unlike other NY portable restrooms, CALLAHEAD's will actually add to the desired ambiance.

Take the Fountain Head portable toilet as an example. At first glance, this porta potty appears to be a stunning fountain strategically placed at the event. However, it is actually one of the finest portable toilets the attendees will ever use. The CALLAHEAD lineup also includes the Tele-Toilette, a porta potty that perfectly resembles a London phone booth, the AirHead16, which features a hot-air balloon landscape that is ideal for a graduation, and the Purple Potty, the only portable toilet designed for kids. With dozens of different exclusive portable toilet and restroom trailer designs, there is a portable restroom that is suitable for any occasion.

Even though the exteriors of CALLAHEAD's special event portable toilets are clearly something to be desired, where they really impress is on the inside. As a guest enters a CALLAHEAD VIP portable restroom, they will be greeted by an abundance of space, an actual flushing toilet, and a fresh-water sink that operates with a foot pedal for the ultimate sanitary experience. Attention is paid to every detail, with most of the special event porta potties coming fully equipped with automatic air fresheners, toilet seat covers, and even mirrors and floral arrangements.

In addition to providing the most amazing porta potties New York has ever seen, CALLAHEAD also offers exceptional service with supreme reliability. With each portable toilet that is rented, CALLAHEAD guarantees it to be in like-new condition and delivered on time by a skilled, uniformed serviceman.

When a portable toilet is needed for any outdoor gathering or any special event in need of additional restrooms, CALLAHEAD is the obvious choice. From the home-like interiors to the impeccably designed exteriors to the incomparable service, no other New York porta potty company even comes close to what CALLAHEAD has available.

Since 1977, CALLAHEAD has been constantly improving and updating their special event portable toilet rentals. They strive to always exceed their customers' expectations by designing porta potties they would want to use themselves. CALLAHEAD is currently offering their stellar special event portable toilets to all of New York City. From Long Island to Suffolk and Nassau, and Westchester County to all of the five boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island), CALLAHEAD continues to beat out the competition. To find out how CALLAHEAD can take your next special event to the next level visit

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The Fountain Head Portable Toilet by CALLAHEAD