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New Book Features the First Collaborative Success Solution by 22 Leading Experts in Business and Life

NEW YORK, Oct. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Everyone has areas of their lives they'd love to improve and there are lots of experts who can help in each area. But finding and hiring those experts can be expensive and time consuming. The problem: there is no all-knowing guru who can help in every area of business and life.

That's why bestselling authors and business/personal development experts, Wendy Lipton-Dibner and Rick Frishman brought 20 other experts together for an entire year in an intensive collaboration. Together, they created the first collaborative solution for 22 of the most critical personal and professional challenges encountered by men and women around the globe.

The Expert Success Solution: Get Solid Results in 22 Areas of Business and Life combines 300-plus years of experience in business and personal development to provide practical, step-by-step strategies in a fast-reading, entertaining, inspirational, hit-you-between-the-eyes, how-to manual.

Filled with thought-provoking questions and real-life stories, the tools provided in this book can solve existing problems and help readers avoid life's greatest speed bumps. The Expert Success Solution is the juncture where motivation meets information and where the biggest decision readers will have to make is whether to grab a tissue or a highlighter.

Collaborating authors and areas of expertise: Wendy Lipton-Dibner, MA, business influence and personal success achievement; Rick Frishman, publicity and publishing; Donald Burns, executive career transitions; Dianne Flemington, relationships that thrive; Lisa Gibson, JD organizational conflict resolution and forgiveness; Bonnie Goldstone, overcoming limiting beliefs through hypnosis; Michael Harris, small business reinvention; Dr. Barbara Kangas, personal reinvention; Dr. Irina Koles, MD, MHM, healthy eating without dieting;Jeffrey Kurtz, bringing fun into the workplace; M. Kris Landry, MRE helping elders share their stories; Dr. Cheryl Lentz, problem solving through effective questioning; Suzanne Nault, MPs PCC retirement transition; Dr. Lorie Nicholas, financial hardship and recovery;Elizabeth Phinney, CPT fitness after 45; BJ Rosenfeld, MA, MS, COGS communications for parents of adult children; Jennifer Rosenwald, the good life through right-thinking; Tina Sacchi, authentic living through limitless spirituality; Dr. Lupe-Rebeka Samaniego, life auditing for high performance living; Patty Soffer, business strategy and partnerships; Randy Stanbury, personal goal achievement; Janet Swift, living life on purpose.

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