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BellHawk Systems Opens up Real-Time Inventory and Production Tracking Software to Customers for Complete Customization

MILLBURY, Mass., April 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Today, BellHawk Systems ( announced that it is making VB.Net source code for its BellHawk software accessible to its clients. "This is in recognition of the fact that most of our industrial clients need their systems customized to meet their specific business needs," said Dr. Peter Green, the President and CTO of BellHawk Systems.

BellHawk is used by a wide-range of manufacturers, distributors, food processors and other industrial organizations to track their inventory and production operations in real-time. BellHawk uses technologies such as mobile data collection, barcode printing and scanning to capture data in real-time. This data can then be exported to an ERP or accounting system and used to give managers and other staff 24×7 business intelligence about the status of their operations.

The BellHawk software runs on Windows Server computers and is accessible through any device with a web-browser interface. It can be run on a server in a local plant or used in the Cloud through the BellHawk-on-Line software-as-a-service. BellHawk can also track operations in multiple geographically dispersed plants, warehouses, and other facilities.

According to Dr. Green "Up to now, customizations needed to be made for our clients by our technical staff. Now we are taking a quasi-open-source approach to enable our clients to do the customizations themselves, if they want to. The foundation-level libraries in BellHawk, in which all the licensing checks are embedded, are issued as binary code. But all the code that clients need to modify, such as reports, data exchange interfaces with other systems, and the user interfaces can be modified by VB.Net developers."

The BellHawk software is modular. A perpetual license for a base inventory or production tracking system with two scanning devices costs as little as $5,000. Then clients can add other modules and more scanning devices as their needs grow. Alternately clients can use the same software through BellHawk-on-Line for as little as $250/month.

The BellHawk software is capable of tracking inventory and work-in-process from the receiving dock, through production and warehousing, to the shipping dock. It can also track labor and machines and use the collected data to accurately cost jobs and products.  BellHawk also collects electronic materials traceability records, which are used by organizations such as food processors and biotech laboratories to minimize recalls due to contamination.

An important function of BellHawk is to deliver real-time point-of-action warnings when employees are about to make mistakes. This includes delivering alerts by Email or text messages to managers' smart phones when an event occurs that they need to pay attention to.

The BellHawk software works with popular makes of barcode equipment such as Zebra, Motorola, Honeywell, Intermec and Unitech.

For more details, please see or contact Dr. Peter Green, President and CTO of BellHawk Systems Corporation at 1-508-865-8070 x301or Email.