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BellHawk Introduces New Warehouse Management System Software for QuickBooks Enterprise Featuring Wireless Mobile Automated Barcode Data Collection

MILLBURY, Mass., April 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Today, BellHawk Systems announces an updated version of its Warehouse Management System (WMS) for QuickBooks Enterprise. This new version of its BellHawk software uses ruggedized wireless mobile computers, PCs, iPads, or Android tablets equipped with barcode scanners, to record inventory transactions in real-time. BellHawk then automatically enters these transactions in QuickBooks with no manual intervention or data entry.

The BellHawk software provides managers and supervisors with an accurate real-time view of their inventory. It does this by preventing many of the mistakes that occur with manual data entry into QuickBooks. It also eliminates the time taken to manually write down inventory transactions and then subsequently type them into QuickBooks.

For a single-plant industrial organization, QuickBooks Enterprise is a great buy for an accounting system. For under $3,000 you can get a complete financial management system that supports 5 people doing accounting, finance, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. Add a BellHawk tracking system to QuickBooks Enterprise and you can have a system that has more capabilities than many ERP systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The BellHawk software starts at a price point of $5,000 for a perpetual license for software for a warehouse with two material handlers. This is for the software installed on a Windows Server computer at the client's site. Alternately clients can use the same software, in the Cloud, through the BellHawk-on-Line service for as little as $250/month.

The BellHawk Software is used by manufacturers, distributors, food processors, laboratories, engineering and other industrial organizations. Many of these organizations find that the BellHawk software pays for itself in labor savings and mistake prevention within the first six months.

The BellHawk software can record and track the receipt, put-away, usage, production, picking, packing and shipping of materials. It can also track materials by lot number, serial number, and expiration date. For food processors and laboratories BellHawk can maintain historical materials traceability records that enable them to comply with mandates.

BellHawk Systems works through a network of nationwide partners who can provide local sales, installation and support for wireless mobile computers and related network equipment. BellHawk Systems also works with partners who can provide rack and floor location barcodes needed for a complete turnkey installation.

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