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BellHawk Cloud-Based MES + WMS System Adds QuickBooks Integration

MILLBURY, Mass., Jan. 13, 2012  — BellHawk Systems announces the availability of an automated data exchange interface between its BellHawk integrated Manufacturing Execution, Operations Management, and Warehouse Management System and QuickBooks®.

The integration of BellHawk with QuickBooks gives small to mid-sized industrial organizations a complete integrated information technology solution that has more features than ERP systems costing many times more.

This combination is ideally suited for use by manufacturers, food processors, and smaller defense contractors. The BellHawk software can be installed on a Windows Server running in the industrial plant or at a Cloud-based data center. BellHawk can automatically exchange data with QuickBooks running on a local computer in the plant or with QuickBooks-on-Line.

In the combined system, QuickBooks handles all the financial aspects of the business plus accounts payable and accounts receivable. BellHawk tracks inventory from receiving through production to picking, packing and shipping using barcode scanning, printing and mobile computer technologies. BellHawk can also track customer orders, jobs, labor and machine time as well as doing quality assurance and defect tracking. A BellHawk module is also available to do materials requirements planning and job scheduling.

Data is exchanged automatically between the two systems, so they work as a seamless combination. Purchase Orders can be entered in QuickBooks and automatically transferred to BellHawk or they can be entered in BellHawk along with advanced shipment notices for customer-owned materials. Receipts are recorded in BellHawk using barcode tracking methods and these automatically show up in QuickBooks, where they can be used to generate payments to vendors.

Sales orders can be entered in QuickBooks, BellHawk or imported into BellHawk from an E-Commerce website or from a CRM system. Materials are picked, packed, labeled and shipped using barcode tracking techniques to ensure accuracy of order shipment. Then invoices are created in QuickBooks, ready for any final adjustment, such as adding shipping and handling charges, before sending to the customer.

By integrating BellHawk's comprehensive inventory and production tracking capabilities with QuickBooks' ease of use, the resultant QuickBooks + BellHawk system enables organizations to efficiently manage their industrial operations with a minimum of personnel.

For more information, please see, or contact Peter Green, President of BellHawk Systems, at Email or call 1-508-865-8070 extension 301.

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