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BellHawk Announces New Features for Its Low Cost Industrial Warehouse Management System

MILLBURY, Mass., Sept. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — BellHawk Systems Corporation announces the addition of a number of enhancements to its low-cost industrial warehouse management system. These include features to support:

  • Use by project-focused make-to-order, engineer-to-order, repair, refurbishment and construction organizations.
  • Use for warehousing and distribution of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, laboratory, medical and other regulated products.
  • Tracking of products by length, width, size, weight, and color as well as multiple user- specified units of measure.
  • Supply chain integration, including printing GS1 standard SSCC barcodes for cartons and pallets as well as sending ASNs (Advanced Shipment Notices) by EDI.

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The BellHawk industrial wireless-mobile warehouse management software (WMS) can be installed on a Windows Server in the client's own facility or used on a hosted-basis over the Internet at a remote data center in the "Cloud." BellHawk uses a web-browser interface and can be used with a wide-range of devices for collecting and viewing inventory data.

Rental prices for the software start at $300/month for installation on a client's own Windows Server. Perpetual license purchase and hosted software-as-a-service options are also available.

BellHawk WMS gives a real-time view of inventory and can quickly pay for itself by replacing the use of paper forms and manual keyboard data entry with the use of wireless mobile computers equipped with barcode scanners.

The BellHawk WMS tracks materials by location, nested container, lot and serial numbers, and expiration date. It tracks the receipt and put away of materials, their withdrawal and return to inventory, and the picking, packing and shipping of those materials. Materials can be placed in designated locations or in multiple locations using a dynamic binning methodology.

The BellHawk WMS can track operations at multiple geographically distributed warehouses. It comes with software tools and interfaces to make it easy to integrate BellHawk with a wide range of ERP and accounting systems as well as E-Commerce websites.

For more details about the BellHawk low cost industrial warehouse management system, please contact or call 1-508-865-8070 and press "1" for expert assistance.

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