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Band of Unique Heroes Embarks on Epic Exodus in Fantasy Novel

Minotaurs, Shape-shifters and Mythical Beings Bring New Series to Life

NAPLES, Fla., June 23, 2010 — Magic and mystery blend to produce a riveting tale of five heroes who embark on a dangerous quest, having safeguarded a precious artifact wanted by villainous forces. Drawing on his lifelong love of fantasy, newcomer Jason R. Jones pens a novel complete with wizards, elves, giant panthers and a cast of numerous mythical creatures in "The Exodus: of spiders and falcons, Book I" (published by AuthorHouse).

Set in the center of a solar system with over twenty planets, "The Exodus" takes place on the southern continent of Agara. When good and evil forces alike try to gain possession of a priceless relic of ancient history containing unknown power, a group of heroes seek to spirit it away from the kingdom and deliver it to the most infamous wizard in order that they may study the scroll in the safety of his tower.

Leading the charge is flawed hero James Andellis, fallen orphan knight of Southwind Keep in the troubled kingdom of Chazzrynn. Joining him is the highborn noble heroine from the elven homeland of Kilikala, a slave minotaur, a dwarf from the mighty city of Boraduum and a mistress of arcane magic arts. Together, they will brave shape-shifting doppelgangers, slaveships, minotaur hunters and troll legions to protect the scroll.

Each of Jones' characters sports a peculiar twist. "They're unique heroes of varied walks of life coming together under extreme circumstances filled with personal demons and hunted by more than they alone could possibly escape," he says, "yet they pull together all of their strengths, and with a bit of God and luck, they succeed." The themes of allegiance and faith appear throughout the novel, imbuing the story with concepts vital to understanding good vs. evil.

The first in a new series, "The Exodus" exhibits the characteristics of the great sagas of literature, and is infused with sweeping romance, epic adventure, and memorable characters. Jones creates a unique, multi-faceted world with deep spiritual meaning that lovers of Tolkien and Guy Gavriel Kay will savor.

Jason R. Jones was born and raised in Monroe, Wis. He joined the U.S. Marine Corps after high school and following his honorable discharge, he began work in the hospitality industry. While Jones began writing in 2009, he has had "The Exodus" series planned for over a decade. Visit for more information.

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