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AVAD Aviator Launches Search Engine for Aviators and Enthusiasts

NOVATO, Calif., June 2, 2010 — After nearly two years in the making, AVAD Aviator, , has taken off with its new aviation search engine to cater to the needs of aviation professionals, hobbyists, and hopefuls. Founded by a former military pilot, charter operator and airline CEO, AVAD Aviator addresses the diverse needs and complexities of the world of aviation.

AVAD Aviator is an aviation-dedicated Web search portal offering a wide variety of information and listings in all genres of aviation, including events, airports, FBOs, N numbers, FAA-certified aircraft, medical examiners and certificate holders, manufacturers, dealers, brokers, new and used aircraft and parts, aviation jobs, and a host of other aviation items and related businesses. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, AVAD Aviator was founded in 2008.

"Until now there hasn't been a comprehensive aviation portal equivalent to this," says Ken Chase, president of AVAD Aviator. "We have in-depth aviation experience spanning more than 40 years, which gives us unique insight into the needs of today's aviators. We also understand that having current and complete information about the many facets of aviation is critical to efficient and cost-effective aviation operations, whether we're talking about a for-profit operation or aviators that just want to fly for fun and enjoyment."

Presently the AVAD Aviator database contains nearly 1.5 million records and is growing daily. At , anyone can find or present virtually anything related to aviation, including aircraft and parts, ground support equipment, aviation jobs, avionics, and a multitude of ancillary businesses to support most aviation interests. Visitors can also find their favorite organizations where they'd like to donate their time, aircraft, and resources to causes such as mercy flights, disaster relief, aviation museums, and others.

All listings are free for seven days. AVAD Aviator also offers the convenience of auto-renewals for as little as $.67 per week to keep listings running continuously. "Our goal is to offer the most current and inclusive aviation Web site possible," says Chase. "By charging a nominal fee for renewals, we're ensuring that all listings are attended to and useful." Power users can also use a free and convenient bulk upload service, critical to those who want to keep their product lines up-to-date and more visible on the Web. Most importantly, every listing is optimized for maximum exposure on the most popular search engines like Google, Twitter, Yahoo, and Bing.

"Given the current stressed economic times and the introduction of our Web site, we feel the time is right for aviators to streamline and optimize by moving unused items, finding the best buys available, and staying abreast of the pulse of aviation," Chase adds.

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