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AuthorHouse Presents 'Losing Lola: A Memoir of Reckless Behavior in a Time of Tragedy'

DALLAS, June 16, 2010 — In a story of incredible loss and recovery, a daughter struggles with her own internal demons as she fights against an overwhelming sense of loss after the death of her mother. Author Shannon Eilers and her mother, Lola, had a very close relationship, which grew even stronger when Eilers' father abandoned them. But their time together was cut short when Lola died after a brief, tragic battle with brain cancer. In "Losing Lola: A Memoir of Reckless Behavior in a Time of Tragedy" (published by AuthorHouse), Eilers narrates the story of her mother's illness, from her first symptom to her death four months later, and the devastating effects her mother's death had on her.

On August 30, 2000, Eilers' mother, a 27-year veteran teacher, experienced a severe shortness of breath and then had a small seizure. Rushed to the hospital, her mother was unprepared for the diagnosis. After an agonizing series of tests and procedures, doctors told her that she had an aggressive, invasive tumor on the left side of her brain. Diagnosed with grade IV terminal cancer, she had up to six months to live without treatment and a possibility of living up to three years if surgery and radiation were successful. Both mother and daughter were devastated.

Because Lola had watched her own mother suffer from brain cancer for three years, unable to walk or talk, Lola decided to forgo treatment. She died December 22, 2000.

An only child, Eilers was ravaged by the death of her mother and best friend. Unable to cope with the loss, Eilers fell into a deep depression, began abusing drugs and contemplated suicide. Her life spiraled out of control, and she was soon faced with divorce, debt and a battle with a mental illness.

"Losing Lola" tells the story of a daughter's fight to regain her life. Eilers details the long journey home from sadness and self-destruction and shares with readers her new understanding of life and the delight of reveling in everyday joys. In the end, Eilers' story is one of courage and redemption.

About the Author

Shannon Eilers lives in Dallas with her husband and two sons. "Losing Lola" is her first book.

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