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Paul Ramsay Company Profile

Paul Ramsay is a board certified hypnotist in private practice and tours as a stage hypnotist. For over 10 years, Paul Ramsay has been entertaining college and high school students as a stage hypnotist. In 2011, Paul introduced his exclusive interactive show called Mind Games. Paul’s private practice is dedicated to helping individuals stop negative habits such as smoking, fingernail biting, and overeating. Ramsay’s private practice also offers customized, individual personal coaching programs to help his clients achieve their goals and maximize their potential. The pilot is now being shopped for television.

News from Paul Ramsay:

College Entertainer Paul Ramsay Finalizes Pilot for Reality Television

Episodes Share ' A Day in the Life ' of a Traveling Stage Hypnotist SOMERSWORTH, N.H., April 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — College entertainer and traveling stage hypnotist Paul Ramsay has finalized a pilot show for reality television.  Ramsay hired Anchor Line Studios in Portsmouth, NH to…