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EmpInfo offers an online employment verification solution on a cloud platform to verify employment or income for those buying a home, applying for a job, seeking financial aid or public assistance. It eliminates employers’ manual-efforts responding to inbound inquiries by fax, phone and email; and speeds-up the pre-employment screening of prospective employees. Creditors expedite their approval of loan, mortgage, and rental decisions. Social-service agencies conveniently leverage a single source to process benefits. And employees can view records and manage access to their earnings history. With a highly-secure & centralized platform, and its intuitive web and mobile interfaces make EmpInfo the online employment verification solution you’ve been waiting for! EmpInfo is… Streamlined EmpInfo is the centralized databank where employers share information to instantly verify income and employment histories for their current and former employees. Designed for small, midsize and large organizations, EmpInfo supports the full spectrum of employment verification, from basic employment to detailed income and benefits information. Secure With a triple-secure cloud platform, it guarantees the authenticity of every inbound inquiry for credit verification and work history. This ensures employee privacy, FCRA compliance, and total risk reduction. Empinfo puts only authorized verifiers just one click away from the data they need: employment dates, salary, and employee’s positions. Best of all, employees always retain total control over who sees their earnings history, eliminating every HR executive’s nightmare: phone/fax/email inquiries from hackers, and forged “Consent to Release” forms from anyone other than your employee. Intuitive Its web and mobile interfaces give your employees direct control to release information, plus immediate visibility into who accessed their data via email and SMS alert notifications. Additionally, the automated phone system at EmpInfo identifies employees by matching calls against the registered home or cell phone numbers of employees in your records. Instant Employers use EmpInfo’s 24/7 availability to replace their manual HR responses to fax, phone and email inquiries. This means: Prospective employers speed-up the screening process for new employees. Creditors expedite their approval of loan, mortgage, and rental decisions. Government agencies use its single source to process social-services benefits. Employees get the responses they are waiting for, FAST. Empinfo was designed to minimize compliance risk, reduce administrative burdens and improve your bottom line. As today’s employers face budget constraints, regulatory complexities, and compliance risk, EmpInfo is the solution that HR executives and their teams have been calling for.

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New Cloud-Based Employment and Income Verification Service EmpInfo to Go Live Next Week

EmpInfo to also exhibit at the 31st Annual American Payroll Association Congress in Arlington, TX SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — EmpInfo, a Silicon Valley cloud-based employment and income verification service, announced today that is has completed all of the integration through a national payroll provider and its first client, a nationally known, […]