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Dr. Claudia Miller is Assistant Dean and Professor at the University of Texas School of Medicine at San Antonio. A physician trained in allergy/immunology and environmental health, Dr. Miller has extensive experience in workplace, home and community investigations, and helping individuals understand hard-to-treat chronic illnesses. Her research on the health effects of chemical exposures won the World Health Organization's prestigious Macedo Award. She is the co-author of the professionally acclaimed book, CHEMICAL EXPOSURES: Low Levels and High Stakes, which reveals groundbreaking research on the potential causes behind common chronic diseases and environmental exposures. Dr. Miller has been interviewed by The New York Times several times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME magazine, National Public Radio, Gannett, The Guardian, Associated Press, Washington Times, Chemical and Engineering News, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The Mission, and Texas Monthly.

News from Dr. Claudia Miller:

New Study Reveals Hidden Dangers of Fabric Softeners and Air Fresheners

Is Your Family at Risk? SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 29, 2010 — A new study led by the University of Washington has revealed that in a test of best-selling scented household products including detergents, dryer sheets, soaps, hand sanitizers, lotions, deodorants, and shampoos, almost a quarter of the chemi…

Gulf Cleanup Volunteers Are at Risk for Long-Term Illnesses

Physician Reveals Hidden Health Dangers Volunteers Face SAN ANTONIO, June 11, 2010 — With more oil from the BP spill in the Gulf washing ashore, regional communities will have a huge job of cleaning up after this vast environmental disaster. As kind-hearted volunteers participate in the effort t…