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Anti-Microcephaly Vaccine–Blocker Candidate: Based on Zika Virus Gene Replikins in Human Fetal Microcephaly

TORONTO, Aug. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Following the report earlier this month that significant mutations have been detected in Zika gene structures*, Replikins, Ltd. Canada announced today that particular Replikins structures have been found in the Zika virus genes of microcephaly cases.

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These form the basis of the design of Synthetic Replikins Microcephaly Vaccine-Blocker™ candidates (Attached figure: all individual Zika specimens in Pubmed January, 2016, with Ebola for comparison).

Microcephaly of fetuses is the most dreaded outcome of the current Zika outbreaks. Replikins vaccine-blocker candidates appear to be the first to target the specific chemistry of the Zika virus gene related to microcephaly.

Replikins vaccines are produced in as little as seven days by solid phase synthesis, freeze-dried, permitting delivery without refrigeration (Google: "Replikins Reuters").

Samuel Bogoch