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Accidental Plug from AT&T Triples Cool-jams Sleepwear Sales – Priceless

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 18, 2010 — It's like manna from heaven for Cool-jams Sleepwear. Recently AT&T casually mentioned Cool-jams in one of their national commercials. Since then Cool-jams monthly sales have tripled.

The scene starts with a guy scrolling through his girlfriend's cell phone. The fellow exclaims, "It says you like Cool-jams?" She replies, "I do like Cool-jams." Now the burning question. What exactly are these Cool-jams? Is the couple talking about music, or are they talking about Cool-jams Sleepwear? We're not sure, but it seems that thousands of people across the country think they are talking about wicking sleepwear for hot nights. Just in case you've never heard of wicking sleepwear, it's sleepwear made of special microfiber that helps people stay cooler and drier at night.

"We suddenly started getting calls from all kinds of people about the Cool-jams Sleepwear they heard about on the AT&T commercial. We are not sure if the spotlight on our company was intentional or not; however, we are grateful to AT&T for the publicity," explains Anita Mahaffey, Cool-jams CEO. "The timing couldn't have been better for Cool-jams. In recent side-by-side testing our sleepwear tested as the top-performing wicking sleepwear product in the U.S. We've noticed that once a new customer discovers what Cool-jams can do for them, they are hooked, so the publicity is great for our long-term growth."

Cool-jams Sleepwear helps hot sleepers stay cool, dry and comfortable with its collection of wicking sleepwear. Reasons for night sweats include menopause, chemotherapy, obesity, diabetes, certain medications, and thyroid dysfunction. Sometimes an individual's internal thermostat just runs warm. These problems can affect men and women alike. With this in mind, Cool-jams offers a line of men's and women's sleepwear in sizes ranging from small to 3X.

Cool-jams, Inc. was founded in September 2007 by virtual business expert Anita Mahaffey. At this time, Cool-jams sleepwear can be found online at The website offers a variety of moisture wicking sleepwear for men and women, tips to help combat night sweats and a complimentary cooling sleep meditation download.

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