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CloudeAssurance Releases Its First Independent Cloud Security Benchmark Study Featuring the Top 10 Cloud Service Providers.

Report enables cloud consumers to evaluate which cloud providers have the best cloud assurance score and history, a measure of cloud trust on which they can depend.

ATLANTA, Feb. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — CloudeAssurance, Inc. – an eFortresses Company last month released its first Cloud Security Benchmark: Top 10 CSPs and added this report to its cloud security rating system platform: CloudeAssurance. This platform enables safe and secure adoption of Cloud Computing!

In response to customer demand and in the spirit of President Obama's recently signed Cybersecurity Executive order that outlines the critical nature of the cyber infrastructure of the United States and sets forth provisions for improving the protections of this infrastructure, using the CloudeAssurance platform, critical infrastructure owners and operators are now able to quantitatively assess risks associated with their use of different cloud computing services.

CloudeAssurance 1.2 is designed for global enterprise and government customers, cloud brokerages, cloud auditors and cloud service providers that want to differentiate themselves by providing higher levels of security assurance and transparency to their customers and stakeholders.

With the global cloud services revenue projected to reach $148.8 billion by 2014 and $241 billion by 2020, Information Security can either become a nightmare or an enabler for cloud adoption, particularly with recent increases in highly publicized cloud security breaches.

CloudeAssurance SaaS platform is the industry's first truly risk-intelligent rating, continuous education and continuous monitoring system assuring cloud service provider's cloud security and governance, risk and compliance. CloudeAssurance protects customers by measuring cloud service providers' ability to securely deliver services in accordance with industry best practices, standards, and regulatory compliance.

"Our research team undertook this independent study aimed at assessing the overall security posture of some of these CSPs.  The goal of the study is to rank the Top 10 CSPs using the CloudeAssurance platform to assess their security posture, leveraging information that these CSPs themselves have made publicly available in relation to their cloud security," explained Taiye Lambo, Founder of CloudeAssurance, Inc.

About eFortresses, Inc. and CloudeAssurance, Inc.

eFortresses, Inc. is an 11-year-old Cyber Security and Compliance Solutions company with a focus on cloud computing security. We help our customers to stay out of the headline news due to a security breach or data loss that could result in major financial losses and reputational loss. Our mission is to provide clients with the knowledge and expertise to make informed decisions regarding exposure to regulatory non-compliance and potential theft or compromise of information assets.

We focus on quickly identifying risks and crafting remedial solutions that provide tangible value, reduction in costs, and return on investment (ROI).

CloudeAssurance, Inc. is the software division of eFortresses, Inc. focused on Cloud Security Scoring through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) licensing and delivery model.

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