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Vizibility Goes Mobile with Personal QR Codes

Instantly Google people right from their business cards, resumes and presentations

AUSTIN, Texas and BALTIMORE, March 15, 2011 — In conjunction with SXSW (South by Southwest) and the Career Thought Leaders Conference and Symposium, Vizibility ( announces new mobile features to help career professionals and job-seekers add a new dimension to their personal branding. Personalized QR codes are now available for Vizibility SearchMe™ links, which can be added to resumes, presentations, business cards and any other printed or online materials.

"Embedding a QR code on a resume is an interactive and easy way for job-seekers to proactively present additional information about themselves while communicating a high level of technology savviness," said Wendy Enelow (, Executive Director of the Resume Writing Academy and the Career Thought Leaders Consortium. "Resumes are constantly evolving to keep pace with the changing employment landscape. Adding a QR code that links to your specific Google search results is one of the latest and greatest ways to create a multi-dimensional, technologically savvy resume. As we all know, job-seekers on the cutting edge are more memorable to hiring managers and recruiters, and that's what the whole job search is about. Google me and remember me."

QR codes (QR stands for "quick response") are small, square barcodes that can be quickly scanned by mobile phones and devices. Google's Android includes QR code scanning software, and the iPhone, BlackBerry and iPad have numerous applications available to read them. QR codes are growing in popularity and appear regularly in advertising, at events, on packaging, and by 2013, on every building permit in New York City.

Starting today, look for personal QR codes from Vizibility on business cards, resumes and presentations. When someone scans a Vizibility QR code it will display a user's top five verified Google search results. With one more click, a user's full search results are displayed in Google. In addition, there is an option to easily add a vCard contact to a mobile device. Verified search results and contact information can be changed at any time without having to update the QR code.

"If you are a lawyer or other professional services provider working with technology clients, it is critical to communicate familiarity with the latest technologies," said Jeffery M. Stoler (, partner at the leading law firm of McCarter & English. "What better way to make a lasting impression than to put a QR code on a business card or in a presentation to send that message for you. And it gives someone a useful, instant way to learn more about your background through a personalized Google search."

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Vizibility Inc. ( was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Manhattan, NY. Vizibility™ delivers the world's first SearchMe™ button for Google, which instantly returns the right results in one click. Vizibility pioneered PreSearch™, a proactive strategy where businesses and individuals pre-select the information they want displayed in search results. The company's SearchMe buttons, links and QR codes can be shared easily and placed anywhere. The popular service is being integrated into professional and personal social networking sites where it adds innovative functionality and creates new revenue streams. Vizibility, Vizibility Meter, PreSearch and SearchMe are trademarks of Vizibility Inc. U.S. Pat. 7,831,609. Other patents pending. Find us in Google at

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