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UNDER THE RADAR Reports Brand Managers Agree 'Experiential Marketing' Creates True Emotional Connections

CHICAGO, May 2, 2012 — Today's brand managers agree that the uniqueness of experiential marketing is its ability to create a true emotional connection to people through live experiences and then share them with large numbers of people through the power of social media. According to UNDER THE RADAR, an experiential marketing agency, brand managers believe that emotional connections to a brand need to start in the real world to create true connections.

"People interacting with people in a real and powerful way creates an authentic and unique emotional connection, and gives the genuine power to experiential marketing efforts," Dennis Boyle, Executive Vice President, UNDER THE RADAR, said.

The insights into brand managers are based on a series of meetings with marketing thought leaders and emerging trends reported both by current clients and prospective ones. "It has become abundantly clear to brand managers that social media as well as event-driven influencer marketing are becoming far more important aspects of the marketing strategy," Boyle said.

Over the last fifteen years experiential marketing has gone from a catchy name to a true marketing channel recognized by brands for its power to engage in ways no other media can. Until now, its one true downside was its inability to engage large numbers. "Regardless of how passionately one argued about the quality of the engagement, brands used the CPM metric as a way to compare results and experiential never fared well," Boyle added.

Today's social media marketing revolution has the ability to drive large numbers of people to a brand. According to Boyle, "Social media allows people to join the conversation, express their opinion, and share their experience. People are only driven to do this if they have made an emotional connection."

Boyle believes you should think of social media as a magnifying glass held up to the live event. "Social media not only makes the image clearer, but more importantly it makes it larger, so that more people can view it at the same time," he reported.

UNDER THE RADAR is recognized for creating brand experiences that "fly beneath" today's conventional marketing clutter. "When creating an experience we try everything, we optimize everything today. Our clients demand that brand events entertain, communicate, motivate and exceed their result goals," Boyle said.

At UNDER THE RADAR Boyle is responsible for leading marketing strategy, client service and business development. Boyle has 30 years of consumer brand building experience and has held leadership positions.


UNDER THE RADAR is a Chicago-based experiential marketing agency dedicated to designing and executing marketing campaigns that connect consumers digitally and with real world live experiences to brands. As a result, UNDER THE RADAR creates authentic and relevant experiences that "fly beneath" conventional marketing clutter and engage consumers where they live, work, shop and play. The UNDER THE RADAR teams also work on projects in both the corporate and product event arenas. Their approach to projects keeps them sharp and ensures that leading-edge, highly pollinated creative styles enhance every client engagement. By today's pop culture definition, if something is under the radar, it isn't detected or noticed but yet it can be special and have a very significant impact. For more information about UNDER THE RADAR, visit:

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