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'One Dance with a Stranger': What If the Love of Your Life Belongs to Someone Else

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Aug. 12, 2009 — Many individuals go through life wondering if they'll ever meet the one. "One Dance with a Stranger" takes readers through the journey of a country superstar's life and his determination to find true love, even if it means pursuing his brother's troubled fiance.

Throughout each page of this book, author Mary M. Forbes shares an up and down journey of one very twisted love story; and in the end, it is evident that opposites really do attract.

Whether it is fate or destiny, love happens for a reason, but the ultimate question is, "Can this love survive?"

"She couldn't seem to summon the energy to break his hold. He allowed her that small concession, twining his fingers with hers. The gliding motion caused her heart to pound. How could just dancing cause her heart to pound? And how could she of all people be feeling this way with a man she didn't even like?"

This is a love story full of romance, seduction and corruption that is sure to get the heart racing. Experience a story of magic; readers will not only leave satisfied, but wanting more from Forbes.

Trade paperback, soft cover 5X8
Approximately 340 pages
ISBN: 9781438976921
$14.99 retail price
Available at and

About the Author

Mary grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada and has travelled extensively throughout North America with her long-haul truck-driving husband. She belonged to the Romance Writer's Association of American and still belongs to the Alberta Romance Writer's Association. She has edited/critiqued various member's manuscripts as well as having her own five completed manuscripts critiqued and edited. Mary is an avid reader and enjoys country music, the outdoors, history and traveling and has a passion for learning.

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