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Live365 Launches Studio365 Mobile App Empowering Online Broadcasters to Manage Radio Stations Anywhere They Go

FOSTER CITY, Calif., March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Live365, internet radio broadcasting pioneer, announces the launch of their Studio365 mobile application, which empowers broadcasters to manage their radio stations from their mobile device.  The Studio365 mobile app includes many advanced features, allowing online broadcasters to further interact, and engage their listeners. The Studio365 mobile app is the first of many new innovative broadcasting and listening products scheduled to be released by Live365 this year.

The Studio365 app is highlighted by the new mobile Shout Out feature which lets broadcasters interact with their listeners wherever, and whenever they choose.  Broadcasters can record multiple Shout Outs directly from their phone, and set them to play in their station with a couple of taps of a mobile screen.  This gives archived and pre-recorded broadcasters the ability to dynamically engage their listeners, without having to update their tracks or playlists.  Furthermore, the Studio365 app provides broadcasters with both the ability to have their audio hosted on Live365's world class platform, along with the capability to go "live" on the microphone whenever and wherever a broadcaster may choose.

The Studio365 for mobile app allows broadcasters, through a multitude of features, to connect and manage their Live365 station anywhere they go. With the Studio365 mobile app, users can create, preview, and manage Shout Out voice messages, set and update station ID and pre-roll messages, update station profiles including title, image, description, review current and historical station listening stats, as well as monitor their station. As this is just the first version of Studio365 for mobile, more exciting features will be added to the app in the near future.

"I love the Studio365 Shout Out feature which adds more real time elements to my broadcast," Says Jim Murphy, owner of Edgewater Radio on the Live365 network, "I also always wanted an easy way to track stats and this app does it all!"

The Studio365 app is free for all Live365 broadcasters and is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Existing broadcasters can download and start utilizing the app from either the iTunes App Store or the Google Play App Store by searching for "Studio365". To learn more about broadcasting with Live365, and to get a 7 day free personal broadcasting trial using the Live365 platform visit .

About Live365, Inc.

Live365, Inc. is a pioneer in internet radio and broadcasting, having broadcast continuously since 1999.  The Live365 radio network reaches millions of listeners worldwide, offering greater breadth and depth of high-quality streaming music, talk, and audio than any other network.  Featuring 260 genres of music produced by 5,000+ broadcasters and music tastemakers, Live365 boasts a roster of artists and radio producers ranging from Carlos Santana, Pat Metheny, and Jethro Tull, to commercial and public radio stations, to individual DJs who program stations in every musical style. Live365's end-to-end broadcast platform empowers individuals and organizations alike by giving them a "voice" to reach audiences around the globe.  Through easy-to-use tools and services as well as royalty coverage, anyone with a computer and Internet connection can create his or her own Internet radio station and reach a global audience with minimal cost and effort.

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