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Draconian Data Retention Law Spurs Uptick in FlashRouters Sales in Australia

Privacy-minded Aussies snapping up VPN-enabled, secure FlashRouters with flat-rate shipping

CARLSTADT, N.J., May 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Within the past month, Netflix launched its Australian operations with noticeably limited options compared to the U.S. Netflix content selection, and Australian parliament passed the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2015, a new law requiring telecommunications firms and Internet service providers to store customers' metadata—names and addresses, email addresses, and dates, times and locations of Internet activity. Although the two events aren't overtly related, together they have pushed Australians to flock to FlashRouters for VPN-friendly routers with additional security and beefy privacy protections.

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To help Australians protect their privacy, FlashRouters is offering $25 flat-rate shipping per item anywhere in Australia on its routers for the rest of May 2015.

"Under the new Australian data retention bill, law-abiding citizens' private Internet usage information will be freely available to law enforcement under the guise of investigating copyright infringement complaints," explained FlashRouters co-founder David Schwartz. "Understandably, Australians want no part of this invasion of privacy. As a result, we're seeing a spike in interest in, and purchase of, FlashRouters. FlashRouters supports Australian citizens in keeping their private information private, and we hope our shipping discount will help more Australians safeguard themselves."

FlashRouters work with top virtual private network (VPN) service providers to encrypt users' networks and allow anonymous Internet use and access to geographically-based content. Add to that the fact that FlashRouters prevent VPN leaking at the network level and can be configured to include an Internet "kill switch" that kicks in when privacy services are disconnected, and there may be no better way to protect one's privacy online and ensure continued access to popular streaming content like the U.S. version of Netflix, regardless of the user's geographic location.

Once users decide FlashRouters are the best fit for their online privacy needs, their next question is typically, "which router is right for me?" In the company's much-anticipated annual blog post, "Most Popular & Best Wireless Routers for DD-WRT Firmware 2015," FlashRouters highlights recommended routers for a variety of situations (and sharp-eyed readers will find a coupon code in the post for $10 off any FlashRouters of over $100).

"FlashRouters help users gain more control over their network," said Schwartz. "We encourage Australians who are concerned about their privacy, security, and device performance to contact FlashRouters to learn which router is the best fit for their particular situation."

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Founded in 2011, FlashRouters specializes in advanced networking solutions for individual users and bulk custom business applications by installing and adapting enhanced open-source firmware, including DD-WRT and Tomato, on popular wireless router models from Netgear, Asus, Linksys and TP-Link,  Each FlashRouter arrives with a customized installation guide configured to the customer's network specifications and requests, with dedicated support for more than 50 top VPN providers worldwide for enhanced network encryption.

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