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CreativeCrowds to Deliver Chaordix(TM) Crowdsourcing Solutions

Leading crowdsourcing agency in the Netherlands now offers advanced crowdsourcing platform

CALGARY, Alberta, Oct. 7, 2009 — With the rapid rise in adoption of crowdsourcing as a better way to innovate and understand consumers, CreativeCrowds, one of Europe's leading agencies in the area of crowd-based innovation, is now partnering with Chaordix to design and deliver full-featured crowdsourcing platforms to European organizations.

Chaordix helps organizations apply crowdsourcing to generate better ideas for new products or services, predict market reaction in advance, enhance their brand relevance in the market, engage crowd effort in solving problems, and much more. The Chaordix crowdsourcing platform guides and provides a rich, inviting environment that encourages incentive to participants to submit, refine and rank ideas, and make other contributions which result in bottom-line business value. The comprehensive and flexible Chaordix platform equips organizations to harness the "collective wisdom" of crowds from the broad public to consumers or internal stakeholders.

"We're seeing strong interest in crowdsourcing and open innovation from a wide variety of industries and government agencies here in Holland and in other areas in Europe," said Carl Lens, CreativeCrowds Client Director. "More and more larger companies and organizations want a customized crowdsourcing site that delivers the flexibility and unique branding to fit their needs – Chaordix provides just that."

"CreativeCrowds has been a crowdsourcing pioneer in Europe and we respect their accomplishments and experience in doing full-service crowdsourcing projects for big companies," said Shelley Kuipers, Chaordix President & CEO. "We look forward to working together to help accelerate the adoption of crowdsourcing in Europe."

With both organizations contributing extensive first-hand crowdsourcing experience, CreativeCrowds and Chaordix will be uniquely capable of advising and positioning companies to gain the biggest business return through crowdsourcing. From crafting the right call for contribution, selecting the right crowdsourcing model, selecting the right incentives, through to achieving a meaningful brand and community experience, the team provides deep thought leadership.

About CreativeCrowds

Founded in 2007 CreativeCrowds is a full-service crowdsourcing agency. Their vision is that every company is surrounded by crowds that should be engaged in a dialogue. This dialogue is the basis for strong relationships, collaboration and co-creation. The services of CreativeCrowds comprise analysis, strategy, realization and community management. Furthermore, the company authors the crowdsourcing weblog and hosts the quarterly SocialStrategyTalk event series.

About Chaordix

Chaordix makes it simple to seek and interpret input from the broad public, customers, employees and other partners. Delivered in a software-as-a-service model, the Chaordix crowdsourcing platform taps crowds for the business intelligence to innovate, improve operations, and reduce the risks of competing in the marketplace. The name reflects the fusion of chaos and order inherent in distilling wisdom from a multitude of voices. Find out more about us at Chaordix is a proud venture of The Cambrian House, Inc.

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