Press Release Headlines Becomes First Adult Site to Accept Bitcoin for Completely Anonymous Memberships

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., April 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Blue Blood is pleased to announce it now accepts Bitcoin crypto-currency as payment for memberships in their counterculture erotica websites ( One half Bitcoin gets a full year mega-pass membership to and all its associated sites, celebrating the best in iconoclast sensuality. In addition to thousands of photo sets of gorgeous gothic girls, mohawked punk beauties, tattooed cuties, and latex fashionistas, the mega-pass gives access to vampire and science fiction cosplay shoots, high quality fiction authored by big name genre authors, and of course Blue Blood's world famous signature real life counterculture couples shoots.


As a special promotion, the first 100 people to use Bitcoin to join will receive a bonus T-shirt commemorating this adoption of Bitcoin technology. This is totally optional as the Bitcoin system is completely anonymous and members are never required to provide their personal information, not their phone number, not their mailing address, not even their name. All they need is an email address to receive a password confirmation. In addition to being optimized for all standard browsers, also works well with the anonymizing Tor Browser Bundle configuration.

Blue Blood founder and head honcho Amelia G says, "I am really excited about accepting BTC for membership. I'm fascinated by the apolitical technological genesis of Bitcoin and, from the cantina scene in Star Wars to the brand name future of Neuromancer, I'm inspired by the possible and excited by innovation." Amelia G has spoken about the future of commerce technology at conventions from SXSW to Cybernet and been interviewed about Blue Blood by venues ranging from MTV to The New York Times Magazine.

Emerging in 1992, from the basement of a punk rock group house in the Washington DC suburbs, Blue Blood began turning heads and changing minds with the pioneering magazine of counterculture lifestyle and erotica and their fearlessly independent take on pop culture. Blue Blood in print, not only featured full photo layouts of real life gothic punk industrial individuals and fiction by famous SF&F authors, but it did press coverage on music, books, comics, roleplaying games, video games, guns, art, conventions, and the emerging peri-internet cyberpunk culture. The idea was to facilitate subculture cross-pollination and forever reconstruct beauty standards. The high circulation magazine was so often ahead of the curve on the next big thing that it was nicknamed the trade mag of cool.

Blue Blood's team loves technology, innovation, and publishing. Coming out of the desktop publishing revolution which powered the independent zine movement, Blue Blood successfully transitioned to the web in the mid-90's, launching the first alternative or alt-culture adult membership sites in 1999. Blue Blood's award-winning affiliate program was the first to implement affiliate-coded RSS syndication, including plugins for popular blogging platforms like WordPress. Blue Blood's properties include a variety of entertainment publications in both print and digital media, and the Blue Blood Boutique with its signature line of apparel and accessories. publishes SFW entertainment news and editorial and publishes NSFW artistic erotica.

Eva Perry