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Home > About Our passion at Sports Split Step started with the sport of tennis and tennis still provides the platform for much of the engineering and development of our teaching tools and concepts. Fundamentals are essential to teaching or learning any sport and the expertise developed in various sports seems to gravitate to things like physical conditioning, stroke production, mental (strategies) and emotional conditioning, with very little effort spent on what we call sensory-motor training. At Sports Split Step we have become obsessed with sensory-motor training, a technique that is involved in all movements. Consider a movement called the Split Step, which occurs in many sports bseides tennis, such as lacrosse, football, basketball, pickle ball, racquetball, squash, badminton, baseball, soccer, and volleyball. The tools we have developed are geared to help coaches teach this Split Step and other movements by developing an athlete's sensory-motor pathways. Footwork training also requires conditioning the athlete's feet so that the driving force can be increased.

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Innovative Balance Control Technique Presented at Worldwide International Tennis Federation Sparks New Perception on Developmental Progressions for Junior Athletes

Basis of all court movements begins with the Split Step CANCUN, Mexico, Dec. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — 900 tennis coaches met and exchanged ideas on Developmental Progressions of junior tennis athletes. Gordon Uehling's talk (How to Develop and Maintain World Class Balance Control and a…