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Macro Golf Company Profile

MACRO® Golf Inc. is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and is focused on producing golf equipment innovations that are based on intensive research and that conform with the Rules of Golf for equipment design and construction as set by the United States Golf Association (USGA). Macro® Golf's USGA Conforming Patented Innovations The development team at Macro Golf is extremely proud of our company's unique products and the immediate beneficial impact they continue to have on the play of both experienced, lower handicap players and other individuals just beginning to acquire skills in the game. The best evidence of our dedication to real, actual innovation are the US and International utility and design patents and trademarks issued for both our Macro Square Stroke® putter grips and PowerStroke® full swing golf grips. I hope you will join our solid base of satisfied golfers and take full advantage of both the accuracy of Square Stroke putters and grips and the consistent efficiency of Macro’s “ same-plane swing ” at set-up and impact : an efficient swing dynamic of increased wrist flexion and extension resulting from the patented design of PowerStroke, the most ergonomic full swing grip in golf. Our growth and success will always be centered on our customers and their satisfaction. We appreciate both the time you have taken to read about MACRO Golf products on our web pages and your interest in Macro’s important innovations in equipment that are quickly changing and improving the game. Please be assured that we encourage feedback about your experience with our products and have provided you with a vehicle to do so on our site. All the best, Dr. Richard Ferris President MACRO® GOLF Company

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